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Monday, November 06, 2006

Finished Objects so far

I found a need to enumerate all my finished objects after someone sent me email inquiring about something I made such a long time ago that I had to go figure out what exactly she was referring to. So here's a list of my finished objects so far. This list will make it easier for me to go back and find old blogger posts (I hope) . As I made this list, I couldn't believe how many dishcloths I've made this year.


Squares Cloth (pattern)

Triangles Cloth (pattern)

Persephone Scarf (pattern)

3 Cable Hat

Swirl Hat (pattern)

Woozy Cloth (pattern)

3AM Cable Hat in purple (links to pattern) - for me!!! :-)

Striped Slip Stitch Hat (pattern)

Twin Leaf Lace Cloth (pattern)

Quinquevulnera Mindless Knitting Hat (pattern)

Travelling Vine Cloth (pattern)

Chemo hat #7 for Cap Karma Chemo Hat Project

Sarawakense Mindless Knitting Hat (pattern outline)

Claudia Hat (pattern)

Cap Karma Hat in wine

Diamond Lace cloth (pattern)

Cap Karma Hat in white (pattern)

Vine Lace cloth (pattern)

Asherton Hat for toddler (pattern)

Garterlac cloth

Asherton Hat in pink

Asherton Hat in red (pattern)

Asherton Reversible Scarf (pattern)

Small Arrow cloth (pattern)

Bonbons et Calissons dishcloth (pattern)

Fountain Lace cloth (pattern)

Horse cloth

Lacy Round cloth

Pig cloth

Paw & Bone cloths

Cat & Dog cloths

Intertwined dishcloth (pattern)

Oak Leaf dishcloth

Twist to the Left, Twist to the Right dishcloth (pattern)

Grapes dishcloth

Wine Bottle & Glass dishcloth

Christmas Tree dishcloth

Spring Butterflies dishcloth

Wave Pool dishcloth

Branching Out Scarf in pink

Pink Chemo Hat (chemo hat #9)

Blue 3AM Cable Hat (chemo hat #8) (pattern)

Pink Cable Hat (chemo hat #7)

Branching Out Scarf in blue Baby Silk


Sue's Chemo Hat

Knitpicks Chemo Hat (chemo hat #6)

Pink cable brim hat (chemo hat #5)

Blue twist stitch hat (chemo hat #4)

Red Lacy Hat (chemo hat #3)

Baby Cable Rib Hat (chemo hat #2)

Nautilus Hat (chemo hat #1)

Roll Brim Hat

Branching Out Scarf (plum)

Marisa's Watch Cap

Grandmother's Favorite dishcloth

Marisa's Blanket

Besotted Scarf

Travelling Vine Scarf

Irish Hiking Scarf


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