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Friday, April 21, 2006

Branching Out in Pink

I haven't knitted much at all this year, so much for New Years resolutions! I cannot knit anywhere near by little girl cuz she will come up to me wanting to pull on the yarn or needles. Actually, she pulls on anything I'm holding, reading, using, etc...

I made this Branching Out scarf to match the roll brim hat I made a while back. It's been sitting around and I only just got around to posting a photo. Both the scarf & hat use the same yarn and color. It took me many months to complete this since I didn't have much time to devote to knitting. The picture above shows the scarf unblocked. I was trying to decide whether I should block it, then decided not to do it. Did I really want the scarf to get any wider than it already is? Besides, blocking is so tedious. The scarf is about 6.5 inches (~17 cm) wide and 38.5 inches (~100 cm) long... perfect length for the recipient.

The darker pink thing underneath the scarf is Marisa's Baby Blanket, which was I completed in Jan or Feb 2005. I knitted this scarf on the short side because the person who will wear it prefers it short. She doesn't want long dangling tails that get in the way. I really like this yarn, I wish I bought more of it. And I think DK is my favorite yarn weight right now. I was trying to knit another scarf using Baby Silk (fingerling weight) ... it just didn't feel/drape right and the pattern didn't really show through well ... maybe I just need to start it over using different needles.

Yarn: Cleckheaton Country 8 Ply DK superwash wool, Pale Iris color. 2 balls.
Needles: 5mm - US8