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Friday, November 25, 2005

Branching Out #2 is almost finished

I finally completed my second Branching Out (2 balls Peruvian Collection Baby Silk yarn in Sapphire color, US6 needles). I always procrastinate when it comes to weaving in ends and blocking. As you can see here, it is finally pinned out onto two towels. Boy does it take a long time to put it all those pins! It's not an exact science and I am sure the edges aren't straight at all. I end up eyeballing it since I don't have a blocking board.

Next time I would like to try knitting this in two pieces and then grafting them so that the pattern is right side up on both ends. I've never grafted anything before and am afraid of messing it up. When I have some time I will play around with grafting before doing it for real.

My next project will be the
Chemo Hat pattern featured on Knitpicks. I love how it doesn't look like a plain boring chemo hat. I finally looked over the pattern instructions and it looks doable to me. I'm a but unclear on the short row shaping ... I'm hoping it will all come together and make sense as I am working on the hat. I love the swirls on the top of the hat.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Another little white box arrived :-)

Yay! My Baby Cashmere yarn arrived. Top row is Rose Heather and Dusky Lavender. Bottom row is Prism Pink, Cashmere Blue, and Morning Mist. And you can see one of the two balls of sock yarn in the upper left bag; it's Sock It to Me Collection Essential 4 Ply in Purple Heart color. This Baby Cashmere yarn is soooooo soft, I can just pet it all day long. :-)