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Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Finished Objects

Here are my finished objects for 2007... I think I've got most of them in here, but I might have forgotten some. CRS.

It's been an interesting year. Despite not having much knitting time with a toddler in the house (who doesn't let me knit in front of her) and surviving a move to a new house, I think I did more knitting this year than the previous year. The only time I have for knitting is at night, when I'm usually too tired to knit. Sometimes I can knit while watching TV, cables work well for this. And I recently figured out that I could knit while listening to audio books. I still prefer to curl up with a good book (in print) though...

Luna Moth Shawl (pattern is here)

Winterbourne Scarf (pattern is here)

Regina Cable & Bobble Scarf (pattern is here)

Bernadette Scarf (pattern is here)

Osiris Scarf (pattern is here)

Persephone Scarf (pattern is here)

Miranda Cable Scarf (pattern is here)

Georgiana Scarf (pattern is here)

Ariel Cable Scarf (pattern is here)

Asherton Toddler Scarf (see this post for pattern modifications)

Pythagorean Scarf (pattern is here)

Seeded Rib Easy Reversible Scarf (pattern is here)

Caps for the Cap Karma Chemo Cap Project...

Jayne Cobb Hat, a cunning hat for Browncoats only (pattern is here)

Pythagorean Hat, adult (pattern is here)

Pythagorean Hat, toddler version using DK weight yarn (pattern is here)

Ariel Hat (Pattern is here).

Mom's Asherton Hat, worked from this pattern, with slight modifications mentioned here.

Asherton (toddler) Hat #2 for M (Pattern is here)

Sarah's Swiffer Mop Cover (Pattern is here)

Sarah's Swiffer Mop Cover, modified to fit my mop (Modifications for Mop Cover #2 here)

Sarah's Swiffer Mop Cover, further modifications to fit my mop (Modifications for Mop Cover #3 here)

Osiris Square, part of Cheryl's blanket (pattern based on this scarf)

Wine Glass Cloth (my own design, I haven't yet gotten around to typing up what I did)

Dress Dishcloths (pattern is here)

Eyelet Hearts Cloth. (I mentioned completing this cloth in this Feb 2007 post, but I can't find a photo of the cloth. This is the only photo I could find, and it was from this post. I would take a photo of it now if the cloth wasn't covered with tea stains. Pattern is called Eyelet Hearts from Vogue Stitchionary.)

Double Lattice Cloth (pattern is here)

Slip Cross Cable with Bonbons Cloth (Pattern is here)

Eyelet and Bead Cloth (Pattern is here)

Persian Jar Cloth (Pattern is here)

Cabbage Rose Cloth (Pattern is here)

Bat Cloth (Pattern is here)

Teardrops Cloth (Pattern is here)

Ursine (Teddy Bear) Cloth (Pattern is here)

Embossed Turtle Cloth (Pattern is here)

Hobby Horse (Pattern is here)

Papillon Cloth (Pattern is here)

4 Embossed Hearts Cloth (Pattern is here)

Dayflower Cloth (Pattern is here)

Heart Lace Cloth (Pattern)

Circles Cloth (Pattern)

Parallelograms Left Slanting Cloth (Pattern)

Parallelograms Right Slanting Cloth (Pattern)

Diamonds Cloth (Pattern)