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Monday, September 18, 2006

Lacy Round Cloth

Here is my Lacy Round Cloth, my first round dishcloth, and also my first attempt at seaming. I did such a botched up job of seaming that shows. I couldn't figure out how to seam. I looked at the video for the Mattress Stitch and couldn't figure out how to apply it to this since it wasn't really joining straight stockinette stitches on both sides. The Kitchener Stitch didn't apply since I had already cast off, so neither edges were on needles. And the Three Needle Bind Off also didn't seem to apply for the same reasons. So I winged it. Also, my cast on edge was tighter than my cast off edge, and so I ended up with more edge on the cast off edge. I can see how uneven the seaming is because of this. I really dislike the big "bulge" on the back side, which is from seaming. And weaving in ends on top of that did not help. Otherwise I think this is a lovely cloth and I'll certainly make a few more.

Here's the cloth after blocking:


4 stitch(es):

Cindy G said...

That is very pretty! I love the way the color shading on the yarn worked out.

TracyKM said...

I can't believe you haven't seamed anything! LOL! I know you do lace, and hats, and baby blankets, but I hadn't thought about the seaming!
You need instructions on grafting garter stitch. It's done just a little differently than grafting st. stitch, but basically the same. Some better books and magazines show how, or I could type it up for you.
I love those round clothes. The first dishcloth I made was actually on my knitting machine, and was round :)

at it again said...

I have tried for two days to get the pattern for the swirl dishcloth. When I click on the picture it doesn't give me a link to anything. What am I doing wrong. I would really like to have this pattern. Basically I'm a machine knitter but would do it by hand if need be. Please help. Carole in Oregon

smariek said...

You can find the pattern for this dishcloth at Hope this helps! :-)