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Friday, September 30, 2011

2009 Finished Objects

{Brushing the dust off of my blog}

It's been a while since I looked at my blog. Life got busy and for various reasons I was unable to knit. I eventually lost my mojo. It's still missing. Have you seen it anywhere? Due to the long absence, I find the Blogger interface has been updated and I need to get reacquainted with the new way of doing things.

I found this draft among my list of blog posts. It is dated January 2010. Looks like I meant to post a recap of 2009. I can't recall if there was anything else I intended to add to this list. 2009 seems like ancient history. Looking over the projects I mentioned in this draft, it looks like 2009 was the year I started learning how to knit socks. I still wear my hand knit socks during the winter, and they are all holding up great, with the exception of Practice Socks #2 which have shrunk a bit during washing and can no longer be worn.

Socks #8 listed below is a green textured pair of socks. I don't have these anymore. I gave it to my mom for Christmas. I'll try to dig up a photo of this pair and blog about it.

Socks #9 were red socks with a lacy traveling vine pattern. I gave these to my MIL for Christmas.

I found Socks #11, a finished pair(!), in my big bag of WIPS. These were knit with Online Supersocke 100 Savanne color 1031(variegated). I think I have photos of these somewhere, will share them with you later.

Now don't go thinking I'm pulling all this from memory. I have a little notebook with my scribbled project notes. :)

Ok, let's see if I remember how to add a photo to a blog post. :)

Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Yarn, Color 05 Tanzanite

I started a pair of socks for my the Little One (Socks #13), maybe around June/July 2010. She calls them the "rainbow" socks because the yarn is variegated. I'm still on the foot of sock #1 and am getting close to starting the short row heel. Boy am I glad the sock is stretchy, at this rate I'm not sure whether these will fit her by the time I finish the pair.


Here are some of my 2009 Finished Objects.

Flourish Bookmarks
#1 Purple, Sock It To Me
#2 Purple, Sock It To Me

iPod Earbud Covers - 12Jun2009 blog post.

MSCS for Vicki - 4Jun2009 blog post.

Leslie's Scarf

Practice Pair of Socks #8 - Textured

Practice Pair of Socks #7 - Traveling Vine (3Aug2009 blog post)

Practice Pair of Socks #6 - Lake Tahoe Socks (12Jun2009 blog post)

Practice Pair of Socks #5 - Honeycomb (16May2009 blog post)

Practice Pair of Socks #3 (blogged here)

Practice Socks #2 (blogged here)

Practice Socks #1 (blogged here)


Test knit for Dianna - Cable Mitts

St. Albans Valentine Cable Mitts (pattern here)

Blueberry Tea Mitts (pattern here; blogged here with resizing info)

Angelina Mitts (pattern outline here)
purple toddler size, made for my 3 yr old (blogged 5Jan09 and 4Jan09)
pink kindergartener size, made for a 6 yr old (blogged 11Jan09 and 7Jan09)
peach adult size, made for ladies small hands (blogged 14Jan09)