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Monday, February 13, 2006

Chemo Hat #9 Completed

This was a fun little hat to knit up. It had enough variety to keep it interesting, it was definitely not as monotonous as doing stockinette stitch around and around and around. I just couldn't figure out how long I wanted the fold up brim to be. It'll look funny if too short or too long. It's hard to get that just right. It took me a while to finish this because I can no longer knit while nursing my baby; she's getting too large/heavy for that, plus she's too easily distracted. How do I tell her that it is not such a good idea to pull on the yarn or my needles? Then it took me a while to take the picture, and then even longer to download the picture to my computer. Things move very slowly in this household...

That's Marisa's baby blanket underneath the hat. I'm making another one in blue for Baby Jack who is due on April 15. I hope the pattern isn't too "lacy" for a boy baby. I asked my MIL for her opinion; she seemed to think that the pattern doesn't matter and that people will only notice the blue color.

Yarn: Worsted weight yarn in pink

Needles: US7 (4.5 mm)

Cast On 84 stitches, I think.