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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Swiffer Mop Cover ... almost

Well, since we'll be moving into a house where all the floors are hard wood, with the exception of the kitchen which is vinyl or linoleum (how do you tell the difference?), I thought I should get started on those swiffer mop covers I've been meaning to knit since last year. I foresee a lot of swiffering in my future! LOL.

I really want to do Hakucho's Ballband mop cover, but I don't have the energy right now to juggle 2 balls of yarn especially with the rate I pick up & put down. Now if I knew I'd have a long stretch of time to knit it, then that would be so much better. Lately I've only been managing to knit a row or two before having to put my knitting down, then picking it up again to knit another row or two. The thought of having to untangle 2 balls of yarn each time before I start knitting just does not appeal to me right now.

Sarah's swiffer mop cover was better suited to my current need for mindless knitting. I needed something very simple to knit that I could easily put down & pick up. I know most people could finish this in one sitting, but it actually took me almost a week with on and off knitting. Her pattern said to knit for 15 inches, so I carried around my tape measure while knitting this so I would know where to stop. 15 inches for me turned out to be 104 rows. Next time I'll just tack on a row counter on my needle and knit for 104 rows.

Ok, now I need to figure out how to do a whip stitch ... and then I'm done!


2 stitch(es):

hakucho said...

Looks great...I bet it will work just fine. You got me on the whip stitch...I'm not much of a sewer ;)

happy knitting :)

Joan said...

I never heard of a swiffer mop cover! Are you using like a PNC cotton for them? I also have hardwood floors throughout and a sheddy dog so use quick mops all the time.