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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Look what we've got!!!

Keys to our new house... :-)

Haven't had much free time. We spent the weekend driving down to the new house to do "stuff", but not getting as much "stuff" as we had planned. It's hard to get "stuff" done while M needs constant attention. But we have managed to start a list of things we must do before moving in, measuring the windows, taking photos, and getting a few misc house things (broom, etc).

First thing we do Monday morning is call to get our utilities established.

We need to get something on our windows soon. Our house looks so naked from the outside. We're leaning towards 2.5 inch wood (or faux wood) slat blinds or shutters. I like the shutters, but V pointed out that opening them might bump into furniture and limit how we can arrange furniture near the shutters.

Our living room has windows in a corner along two walls. I'm not even sure we can have shutters on both windows ... how would you open the shutters in that corner? I'm guessing shutters only work well for windows with walls on either side. I'm thinking we'll have to stick to regular blinds...

Now the next question is .... vertical blinds or horizontal blinds?

And do the front facing living room blinds have to match the front facing dining room blinds?

Definitely vertical blinds for the sliding door in the family room. That's the back yard where you'll find lots of things flying low to the ground just above the grass. I think they look like wasps!!! Need to figure out what to do about that cuz I can't have M walking/running around out there with the risk of being stung.

I haven't decided whether vertical or horizontal is best for the 3 bedroom windows which look like this:

And for the master bedroom window:

Oh, we tried out the sprinkler system. Never had one of those before. The water attracted a bunch of neighborhood crows who seemed to enjoy being near the water.


9 stitch(es):

junior_goddess said...

CONGRATULATIONS! LANDOWNER! WTG, Marie, I am thrilled for the both of you!

Anonymous said...

Very happy for you, Marie! Isn't it a great feeling to start with a blank slate, rooms to fill up anyway you want! I am no Martha Stewart, so can't advise you on the window treatments :-). I do have vertical blinds for my patio door wall and horizontal blinds for my breakfast-kitchen area. The horizontal do collect dust but they are so good for light control which we really need with the the hot afternoon sun coming in.

Joan said...

I am so happy for you, Marie! That whole thing, from finding the THE house to closing was so fast. I hate crows. They emptied my birdfeeder in one hour just now. Grrr...
Congrats on your house!

Heather said...

Congratulations on your new home! I understand needing vertical blinds for a sliding door, but I'm not a fan of them anywhere else. I have 2.5" faux wood blinds throughout my condo and love them. They look good from the inside or outside, and they are not that much of a hassle to clean. I just have one of those Swiffer dusters that kind of fans out a bit and goes between the slats.

Unknown said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm incredibly excited for you and look forward to see how you decorate the place!

Les said...

Hope those keys have relieved a lot of your stress! Looks like a great neighborhood and lovely house.

g-girl said...

you can totally do the shutters even in that corner in your living room! And I vote for a horizontal blind (if you're going to do blinds) for the bedrooms.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new home. It looks lovely. I vote no blinds. There were twins in my sons elementary years ago & one died in sleep with blind cord tangled around neck. I think you will need some light. Maybe white sheers where you need privacy with heavier drapes at the side? Never heard of bathroom w/door to the outside, but just love the idea. Great with kids, after gardening and so on. Have some industrial carpeting laid in the closets. It won't be too expensive. What great fun you will have with all the space--cookouts in the backyard & knitting in the sun! All best in the new house!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and your family in your lovely new home!