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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Georgiana Blocking

Well, I finally got around to blocking my Georgiana Scarf. Things move slowly in this household, better late than never, right? ;-) The pattern does seem to show through much better with a little blocking. I should get into a better habit of doing that. Well, at least I'm getting better in the weaving ends dept. I used to wait for weeks/months before doing that. I'm weaving them in after I bind off, which is much better than last year.... so we'll just tick that off my Knitting Resolutions for 2007. I guess I can check off learning something new too, cuz I grafted for the first time with this scarf.

I had just put away M's playpen (she hasn't used it in a while and it was taking up space in the living room) and use part of that corner for blocking. M almost stepped all over the scarf as she saw the unobstructed path to the laserdisc player (which we never use); she just loves to "play" with new things and press buttons. The scarf grew a little bit ... it looks like the scarf will be I can see it will be 73 inches x 8 inches (185.5 cm x 20 cm).

I'll try to take another photo of it after it finishes blocking. Much of that depends on whether I can clear off the coffee table -- that's half the battle, as anyone with kids might know -- and whether I can take a clear photo while M tries to grab the scarf off the table. Taking photos of small objects is much easier as I only have to clear off part of the coffee table... ;-)


5 stitch(es):

V. said...

S - this is sooooo pretty.

g-girl said...

the scarf looks wonderful!

Joan said...

Just beautiful Marie! Perfect scarf dimensions too.

Unknown said...


She came out beautiful!


Anonymous said...

LOVE it! Beautiful choice of yarn, too.