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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My first swiffer mop cover

I've finished my very first swiffer mop cover! Neat how my rectangular strip of cotton turned into this. It looks great from the top side. I was worried about it fitting, but the ends just stretch on and are pretty snug. It definitely looks better -- and more colourful! -- than the swiffer disposables.

I think the length is great, but I need a little extra cover width-wize; you can see part of the mop exposed. Perhaps my mop is just slightly wider than some others ... I can't imagine all these mops being the exact same size. And of course it could also be the way I knit.

I wonder if it would help if I cast on 17, knit 30 rows, then increase a 4 stitches and continue in pattern for 40 rows in the main section, then decrease back to 17 sts for the remaining 30 rows. If you're wondering where I got those numbers, it's from knowing that I knit a total of 104 rows for the cloth and using a 30 row section at each end for folding/seaming. :-)

So how many of these swiffer covers does the average person need?

How often does the average person swiffer?

And do you wash your swiffer covers with your regular wash?

There are 8 rooms in the new house which would need swiffering, maybe 4 if we put carpet in the bedrooms. Maybe one cover for each room, per day? Or if using 1 dry and 1 wet, then it would be 2 covers for each room, per day? So 16 covers per day, makes 112 covers per week, which should fill up a load in the washer. How does that sound? 112 covers?! That's a lot of covers to knit... would I be able to do that in my lifetime? Hmmm... maybe I'll use one swiffer cover for more than one room...

I love how my swiffer mop no longer looks as naked as it used to. I think I'll have to keep a cover on my mop even while it is not being used.

You'll find this pattern here, and a crochet version here. The pattern is great for mindless knitting, and I love how the rows are only 17 sts across which makes it easy for me to pick up/put down quickly as I try to squeeze in a few rows now and then. I can knit this cloth easily in a week; the cloth can easily be knitted in a day or two for the average person.


8 stitch(es):

AR said...

I love that! So good for the environment. I don't think I'd knit 112, though. LOL

LisaW. said...

what a clever and intriguing (and GREEN) idea! I don't swiffer....but that's so neat I may just try it! Hugs to the Miss M and you! Oh, by the way...please email me a good mailing addy! Thanks.

Coming Unravelled said...

Wow! That's a lot of swiffer covers! Better get started :) I love how you describe your swiffer as no longer looking naked. I will have to give this pattern a try.

hakucho said...

Great job on the swiffer cover! NO, NO don't wash them with your regular wash...I usually save up until I have a small load and wash separately :)
(dust rags included as well)

happy knitting :) and swiffering ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for showing this pattern. Since the summer started and the kids have been in the sandbox and pool, I have been mopping my floor 3x's a day. Something like this that I can wash and hang outside will be perfect!!

Vaedri said...

I did up a couple of these for a friend, but haven't had a chance to make any for myself yet. I'm glad to hear they actually fit, and work well!

Luciana DeVito said...

Bonjou mon amie! ;o) I found your blog and this project, and loved it. I posted on KH ( and on my blog. I hope that's OK with you? It's at

À bientôt

Martha (Marthanna) said...

Come on...

Does anyone here work for a living?

Swiffering 3x a day or once day would be impossible if you do work (not at a real job)!


I'll be definitely making ONE of these, but come on...I hope you folks aren't serious about swiffering that often!