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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ipod Shuffle 06/21/07

Almost forgot it was Thursday. Here's today's Thursday iPod Shuffle...

1. When I'm Gone - 3 Doors Down
2. Butterfly - Mariah Carey
3. Walk It Down - Talking Heads
4. Jusqu'à Me Perdre - Garou
5. Policy of Truth - Depeche Mode
6. Symphony No 9 in C Major, Menuetto - Mozart
7. Dans Mon Reve - Gerald De Palmas
8. Absurd - Fluke
9. Aurora - Bjork
10. Hips Don't Lie (Reggaeton mix) - Shakira

We've decided on the window treatments for our new house. Faux wood shutters (like these), 2 1/2 inch, for the living room and dining room; both rooms face the street. Faux wood horizontal blinds (like these), 2 inch, for the bedrooms, bathrooms & kitchen. Vertical blinds for the sliding door in the family room. I can't remember the color of the shutters, but I think the color we chose was called Honey Maple. And I think the color of the blinds was called English Oak. The blinds will take a couple weeks to arrive. The shutters take 6 to 8 weeks. Eeks. I think we'll have to put up something temporary while we wait cuz we are not waiting for the shutters to get installed before moving in, that's just way too long. Besides, DH is aiming for moving in during the week of July 4th because his company has a mandatory week off.

DH wants the shutters to be some brown wood color. I've been looking at the window treatments in all the houses I drive past. Of all the the houses with shutters, they are always a white or whitish color. No brown shutters. I wonder why they are unpopular. I like the look of the white shutters. I'm guessing DH thinks that dust is more noticeable on white shutters? Or perhaps he wants to add some color or warmth to our stark white walls. The previous owners slapped on white paint prior to putting the house on the market, and it is a very bland white without any warm tones. I also paid attention to the type of blinds people have in their windows, they also tend to be some white/whitish color. Very few brown blinds to be found in houses in my area. So I wonder whether brown is not such a good choice.

The window measurer is coming to the house tomorrow to measure all the windows. We have the termite people coming in next Wednesday to do most of the stuff that were mentioned in the Pest Report.

We've started to move some stuff over to the house. You know, the stuff you think you can do without. Well Mom asked for some lemon tea, and as I was rummaging around for it, I realized I had already moved it to the new house. Most of my tea collection moved last weekend.


3 stitch(es):

benne said...

Marie, so many decisions to make with a new house - but it's your new house, and that's so exciting for you and your family. Love the pics of M, she's a doll. Your hats are beautiful. I love the stitch pattern you used on the purple one and the yarn really shows off your work. You may have to use the "sports/action" setting on your camera to capture M in motion. ;-}

Krysstyllanthrox said...

We have brown blinds in our living room and dining room, they complement the wood floors very nicely. They also seem to help block a little more light than the white ones in our kitchen do.

g-girl said...

I've noticed that too---that people usually get white shutters! It might have to do with the white matching better to both exterior and interior, you know? Will the brown go with your exterior as well?