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Thursday, June 07, 2007

iPod Shuffle 06/07/07

Woohoo! I'll be meeting Lisa & Barbara later this afternoon. That should be fun! :-) Since we're meeting mid-afternoon when M normally naps, I am having her skip lunch and have an early nap. Fortunately she did not protest. Better to have a slightly rested toddler in tow than a fussy one. Oops, spoke too soon, she just woke up screaming, that didn't last long (1/2 hour), gotta go...


Thursday Ipod shuffle

1. Faster kill pussycat - Paul Okenfold & Brittany Murphy
2. Concerto for piano & orcegstra NO 2 in A Major 1. adagio sostenuto assai - allegro agitato assai - Franz Liszt
3. Told you so - Depeche Mode
4. Like a virgin - Madonna
5. The great curve - Talking Heads
6. This is how a heart breaks - Rob Thomas
7. Pimp juice - Nelly
8. Die Zauberflote, Schnelle Fuße, 6a-51e6 0u2 -Mozart
9. Symphony #9 Choral 3. adagio molto e. cantabile - Beethoven
10. Nothing compares to you - Sinead O'Connor


2 stitch(es):

Grace said...

details details we want to hear about your visit

Sandra said...

nice to put faces to the writing - both you and Barbara!