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Thursday, March 08, 2007


... or coincidence? Do you remember when I wrote about my last Elann order where DH had a "meltdown" at work and forgot to give me my little white box ASAIA? I had to wait 4 days (after it arrived) to get my box.

Well I placed my second Elann order for the year this week, and whadya know, DH has another "meltdown" at work this week which started on Tues. Then he had a hellish Wed which started at 7am and didn't end until 1:30 am. So the box has arrived at his office, but hasn't quite made it home to me. And no, this time it hasn't even made it into the boot. Am I cursed? I mentioned this coincidence to DH so he jokingly said I shouldn't order from Elann again...

Any guesses on when DH will actually bring my little white box home?


I was in Noe Valley (a little neighborhood in San Francisco) on Tues and stopped by Pasta Gina on Diamond St (@ NE corner of 24th St) so M could have a veggie quiche for lunch -- it was delish, btw. You can easily miss this place if you blink. It is a very small Italian take-out deli type place, but they sure do have a lot of stuff inside their little shop. Fresh pasta & sauces. Lasagna. Ravioli. Olives. Meatloaf. Meatballs. Bread. Cannoli. Dry goods. It's take-out only, but there are two benches outside where you can sit to enjoy your meal. You must seek out this little gem the next time you're in the neighborhood.

Afterwards we walked up the street to the small park at the NW corner of Douglass St & 24th St, where M played a little in the sand, the swings, & the slide. I think in a few years she will be able to play more independently at the park, so I can be like other moms with older kids.... sitting in the sidelines while the kids play. I'm thinking ... KNITTING TIME!!! However with my luck, there will probably be something which will preclude this from ever happening.

I used to do much of my knitting in the car while M napped. Well that hasn't happened lately. I can't remember the last time I was able to knit in the car. :-(


I've just discovered that Sue, for whom I made this chemo hat in 12/2005, is going to participate in this year's Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Her webpage is here, if you're feeling generous about making a donation to someone you don't know.

On the topic of chemo hats... I'm currently working on a Cap Karma Hat with that same blue variegated yarn. The whole striping looks just like that in the 2 hats in this post and the Quinquevulnera Hat. I suppose I could get the striping to pool differently if I used different size needles. I guess this pooling is part of the reason I hate this yarn. But I am determined to finish off this ball; I actually have more of this yarn besides this big ball. Sorry, I haven't taken a pic of this WIP ... just look at the other hats using this yarn and chop off the top half. That's what the hat looks like, LOL. I'm making this hat a bit taller (with an extra repeat of rounds 1-8) in an effort to use up all this yarn; if it's too long, they can just fold up the brim a little. Yes, that's the same reason why I intentionally added more K2P2 ribbing on that 3AM Cable Hat so that there would be a fold-up brim. Hmmm.... maybe I should make a long stocking cap....


I mentioned the Eyelet Hearts Cloth I knitted, in my 2/20 post, where I cheated by tweaking the SSSSK triple decrease in Row 3 by doing: Slip 1, SSSK, PSSO.
Row 3: 3, K1, * K1, YO, K4Tog, YO, K3, YO, SSSSK, YO, K2 *, B3
This is what I was talking about. I love the symmetry of how the top of the right side slants to the right and the top of the left side slants to the left. For some odd reason I had no trouble doing K4Tog, but the SSSSK was killing me, so I cheated and think I achieved the similar slanting symmetry without cursing as much. ;-)

Don't know why this photo looks so grey to me. The yarn is actually blue! And the cloth hasn't been blocked ... haven't had the will power to do that simple task.


Sorry, not much to say lately mostly due to not having much "me" time lately. No knitting today... :-(

Thank you for all the email inquiring about the Pampers codes, they've already been spoken for. I just need to get back to Madeline with the codes... I wrote them down on a slip of paper, now it's a matter of getting the paper & computer together. That was from a big box of 92 size 4 diapers, which will last me about a month I think, so those 2 codes should give 2.5 points each. I'll be offering more codes in the future as I am pretty certain I will be buying more diapers, pull up pants, or something. Yeah, I know I can collect the points myself, but I am really not interested in anything in their rewards catalog.

I've received some great photos for the Readers' Gallery which I will try to post as soon as I can.

Time for me to finish up my Bigelow Mint Medley tea and go to bed...


2 stitch(es):

Anonymous said...

Hey, there are more weird coincidences! I believe you about the relationship between the Elann boxes and meltdowns at work! There was a time, that whenever I would make pot roast in burgundy sauce, my husband would either have a crisis at work and have to work late, or he would be called out of town on the day I was going to make it! It got to be a funny joke after awhile.

Allison said...

Your heart cloth looks great! Are you going to post the pattern or have I missed it somewhere? Thanks for sharing if possible.