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Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm voting black...

After watching American Idol last night (Wed night, when the gals were singing), I'm finding that I really like these gals after these two weeks' performances. I really think one of these ladies will become this season's American Idol. I can't decide which one I like the best, but if I had to choose one now I think I'd go with Melinda Doolittle. Can't wait to watch the results later tonight. Wonder which guys & gals get booted off the show...


Things are always disappearing in my house... if it's not row counters, then it's wash cloths & hats, or M's crayons & hair clips.

I KNOW I should have a couple dozen hair clips. I guess they get lost while we're out, hide themselves in the sofa or her car seat, and who knows where else. Hmm... hair clips disappear like ring markers, huh? I was vacuuming under the changing table and heard a crunching sound as I got to the very back ... I suspect that the vacuum snacking on one or two hair clips. So that's another place where hair clips go. Not sure the row counter would get sucked into the vacuum since they have a larger diameter.

M loves hats. Sometimes she grabs the Swirl Hat I made for Cap Karma and wears it around the house. It's an adult small size hat so it fits loosely on her, but she still looks awfully cute in it.
I am missing the dark green Embossed Turtle Cloth I made recently. It was fortuitous to have gotten some photos for my blog post before it went missing.

As for the crayons ... she has a propensity for hiding them behind one specific box in the dining room. Don't know what compels her to do this.


Does anybody know what language this word is in? yabanci. And what does it mean?


How much knitting do I do these days? Not enough. Never enough! Let's count the stitches...

Mon ... 468 stitches.
Tues ... 520 stitches.
Wed ... 0 stitches. Yeah, yesterday wasn't productive at all.
Thurs (today) ... 0 so far, but I might try to push some yarn around a needle later tonight.
I did great on Mon & Tues. I know it doesn't sound like much to the average knitter, however I have to tell you that this is considered a huge amount for me.

I'm currently burned out on wash cloths. When I was knitting them, it would take anywhere from 4 to 7 days to finish one. My second Garterlac took me 3 months. I'm currently knitting a Maple Leaf which I started 3 to 4 weeks ago. Pathetic, huh? And I know most people finish one cloth in one to two hours...

Gotta go... the Boss is almost finished watching The Wiggles...


4 stitch(es):

g-girl said...

try this link:
i looked it up and that's what I got.

Mother of Chaos said...

'Yabanci' apparently means 'foreigner', 'alien', with overtones of 'weirdo' in Turkish.

And with that, it is a confirmed fact that I really, REALLY need to find another hobby... :)

V. said...

Things disappear around here too - not big things. Years ago, when I was studying for the PE exam, pens and pencils I was using would go missing and I thought it was a subconcious effort on my part to not work through the problems. Found them under the fridge. Things are also found under the stove (must remove bottom drawer to find them), in boxes, the new kid makes it all the way to the back of the fridge and stuffs things there.

Joan said...

I'm voting LaKisha! ;-)