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Monday, March 26, 2007

Oopsie ... short on yarn

What do you get when you try to knit the Oblique Hat with 2 leftover balls of yarn and run out of one color just before the decrease? I started out with 2 balls of yarn which were about the same size and I thought I had enough to make this hat... but I guess one ball was more densely wound and the other was more loosely wound cuz I ran out of the blue. I was getting worried about whether I would have enough red left, so I skipped some of the knit rounds in the decrease. Good thing I did that because I definitely would not have had enough yarn left over. It was very very close.

This is chemo cap #16 for Cap Karma's 2006-2007 season. I think this hat shows off the diagonal pattern of the Oblique Hat so much better than the photo you see in the pattern post.

When M saw the hat in the morning, she decided she wanted to put it on. When I did that, the hat covered her entire head down to her chin, LOL. She lifted it back up and then I decided to take a photo of her with the hat on. It actually came out relatively in focus. It's always a challenge for me to take photos of moving objects, and toddlers do not sit still!


7 stitch(es):

junior_goddess said...

Nice hat. Cute model. Mission accomplished!

(Marie, she is ADORABLE!)

Joan said...

Aw, what a cherub! Supermodel in the making! I love seeing your hats on a live head.

Karin said...

Tres beau chapeau and tres belle mademoiselle! The stitch pattern does show up beautifully, I'm glad your yarn held out to the end :).

Anonymous said...

Aaaw mom, it looks great, just as it is! What a cutie!

Knitting Addict said...

:::::GASP::::: THAT FACE! What an angel!

The hat is lovely as well, but the face out shines it by far!!

Lisa W. said...

Great hat...super cute kid must've hired her to sit still...was it gummy bears or cheetos?

Pheelya said...

Aawww... Too cute!!