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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ships Project

Last month, I learned about the Ships Project -- an effort to knit hats & other stuff for our troops abroad -- from Patricia and discovered that 4 of my hat patterns are listed on their Approved Patterns list. I guess many people have knitted these for the troops. What a pleasant surprise to learn of this wonderful way my patterns are being used. And I was really surprised/shocked to find my Claudia Hat on the list cuz that is my least liked hat pattern ... mostly due to the seaming, and it is the only one of my hat patterns that is not knitted in the round.

Of all my patterns so far, I have to say my favorites are: the 3AM Cable Hat, the Persephone Scarf, and Heart Lace Cloth.


Well, don't I really know how to screw things up! I copied my pattern from Blogger into Microsoft Word. Spent some time rearranging & formatting how it looks. I still hadn't figured out where I could post a PDF file for people to download, plus I wasn't sure I liked the idea of trying to main two copies (the blog copy & the PDF copy) synched up, so I decided to hold off on the PDF file idea. Then I copied the updated pattern from Microsoft Word back into Blogger, and of course the formatting looks all wonky... so now I need to tweak how it looks in Blogger, again.

Other Blogger woes .... CatBookMom's blog has completely disappeared! It's been that way for days and she's still waiting for a response from the Blogger techs. I discovered this link from her about backing up a Blogger blog: . The first option seems painless enough. I'm not sure I want to jump through the hoops required in options #2 and #3.


I am 1/3 of the way through knitting my current hat. It helps to watch American Idol ... it's the perfect TV show for mindless knitting. Glad Lakisha & Melinda made it to the final 12. I really like these two gals. Of the guys, well, that's a tougher choice...

Ok, gotta go, the Boss needs me. I'm drinking Yamamotoyama Green Tea today. It's seems cooler today, wonder if the Boss will want some too. She's discovered juice lately, and has been requesting that by name.


2 stitch(es):

Becca said...

I think American Idol is perfect knitting time, too! You don't have to give your full attention to the screen. I did have to put my knitting down last night so I could mute Sanjaya though.

I'm glad to hear that some of your hat patterns might make their way to the troops. My DH has spent time in Afghanistan and Iraq and he still treasures the hand knits he received from strangers.

hakucho said...

I've used
with good sucess for uploading PDF files. It's easy and free :)

Love all your patterns...You are an amazing pattern generating machine :)

happy knitting :)