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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kathryn guessed it...

Kathryn left a comment on my Persephone Scarf post asking about what I named the scarf after. Well, she guessed correctly!!! :-) I have to wonder, Kathryn, did you come up with this guess without reading this 12/24/06 post or this 1/29/07 post which give big hints about the names? Just curious...

Yeah I know ... not a very innovative way to name my scarves, but I loved the series. It's too bad it got canceled...

Sorry about the curled edges in the photo above, this has been rolled up in a bag for a while. That's Ariel. The color isn't quite right due to a nighttime bad lighting shot; the green is really not as dark. Well I guess now that I have finally taken a photo, I should go put that in my free patterns coming down the pike section of my sidebar ... I lack alacrity at times... lol.


3 stitch(es):

AR said...

ooh, nice cables.

Erica said...

J'aime Firefly aussi! Oh, and I just stared to learn French only after visiting France and hearing that lovely language. I can now order food and make hotel arrangements in French, but that's about it. By the way, your scarf is "shiny."

Kathy said...

Yes your cables are beautiful. What are you making. And oh yes Please Share your pattern. You are so inventive. I love it.