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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

... Mrs B tagged me for this Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? game. It's an original Mrs B invention. Here are the rules:

The game is called "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner"?

Three Bloggers are tagged and must post on their blog these directions and list the names of 6 of their favorite renowned Knitters whom they would invite to dinner and their reasons why.
Then the Bloggers play it forward by INVITING 3 new Bloggers play the game and name their Fantastic 6 for dinner. And so on.

What Mrs B probably doesn't realize is that I'm such a newbie knitter that I have an extremely modest collection of books by the famous published knitters and haven't yet acquainted myself with many of them. My shelf looks nothing like hers; I only have 4 knitting books :-( , maybe 5 if you count the 2006 Pattern-a-Day calendar. So this is going to be quite a challenge for me -- not knowing much about who's who in the knitting community -- to pull 6 names out of my knitting bag. Well, here goes...

1. Barbara Walker
2. Cheryl Oberle
3. Meg Swansen
4. Jane Sowerby
5. Marianne Kinzel
6. Martha Waterman

... but Nicky Epstein, Ann Budd, Elizabeth Zimmermann, and all my Elann friends/designers are also going to crash the dinner party too. :-)

Well, whadya think? Is it gonna be a lively party? Or a bore? Does it give you any clues on where my true interests lie?

I'm not going to tag specific people cuz they may not want to play (and I know some people who refuse to participate in these things), so I'll leave it open to anyone who wants to play. Just leave me a comment with your blog addy so I can come visit and see who you would want to invite to dinner...


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I imagine Barbara must get invited to alot of soirees! Good list. I received the lace book for Christmas from one of my knitting amigas and it is fantastic! I have my yarns all ready to cast on but have so many other projects (all for others!) to finish first!