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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cap Karma Ladies

M and I had quite an adventure last Friday when we went to the San Francisco International Airport to meet many of the other knitting ladies in Cap Karma. We met in a TSA conference room (which they call their "lunch room"!), which was large and spacious for us to spread out our knitting. It was great to meet these ladies I had known only by name or by photos of their knitted items. And what a bunch of talented ladies they are!

In the photo below, you can see many of the chemo caps that were made for Cap Karma; these hats are going to chemo patients in local hospitals. V brought 3 shopping bags full of caps so everyone could see. Since all the caps get sent to her, she was the only person who really saw all of them. This get together was a nice opportunity for us to see what everyone else had knitted, and also share ideas & tips. Yes, we can see all the caps on the Cap Karma blog, but it's so much better to see the caps in person, confabulate amongst ourselves about the cap designs and share knitting tips.

There were also some hats knitted for the Ships Project; these hats will go to our troops.

Here are three Striped Slip Stitch Hats, each knitted by a different person. Aren't they cute? It's neat to see how the hats turn out when knitted by different people. Somebody (sorry, I forgot who made the comment) said that she couldn't believe they were knitted from the same pattern.

It wasn't just all about caps. It was show & tell for other knitted items too. There was a great pair of socks too, but I don't think we got a photo of that.

This is a green shell that is being knitted with some novelty/luxury yarn which I forgot the name of.

V was really smart to bring a little bunny treat for M. M loved it, and it kept her occupied and quiet for most of the time we were there. I guess I should mention that M is not one of those toddlers who will play quietly in a corner with her favorite toys; she likes constant attention.

She's getting better at using utensils...

She pretty much chipped away at most of the icing during the time we were there. She hadn't figured out that she could cut into the bunny...



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4 stitch(es):

les said...

Oh, that would have been fun to see all of those hats and touch them!! Your DD is adorable! Love the shades! Apparently you can wear them indoors and out, LOL!

Jejune said...

We had a beanie event recently in Canberra, too - it is fun seeing them all together.

Just wanted to say how much I love your patterns :)

Michele said...

I read your blog all the time but I have to say that today is the day that I must make a comment - your daughter is so darned cute in that outfit!!! You should enter that last photo in a contest!

Thanks for sharing!

V. said...

Little M. looks like quite the fashionista in that last photo.