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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Pattern Format

I'm in the process of trying something new with my patterns. I'm going to offer them in PDF format for several reasons, some of which include ensuring you get the complete pattern instructions with pattern notes and making it possible for you to print out just the pattern without all the extra "fluff" on the blog page.

I've converted one pattern to PDF to see how it goes, my Persephone Scarf:

Please let me know what you think...


Mrs B: Got your invite for dinner, will respond soon...


4 stitch(es):

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,
I guess I don't know what I am doing, but when I clicked on the Persephone Scarf link, it took me to, and then I couldn't get to the pattern from there. I did save the pattern from last year, though!

Laura said...

Hi Marie,

I got the same result as above, but it indicated the file was 0.0mg in size.
I also got the pattern earlier and can't wait to try it, all your patterns are beautiful :)

Thank You


not seeing the pattern at all. Could I be that tech-challenged?

Anonymous said...

I haven't checked the PDF yet, but just wanted to say thanks for putting the pattern up, and also to bow before your cabling mastery. That is a whole hell of a lot of cables!! It's a beautiful scarf.