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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Downloading from Quicksharing

Thanks for the input. I gave it a try and saw what you meant. So I've added step-by-step instructions for downloading the file from Let me know if this helps.

Oh, I looked at the PDF file again this morning and realized that any URL links are lost in the document. :-( I really like having the links to specific definitions on or links to definitions of yarn weight & needle size on (There aren't too many in my Persephone scarf pattern, but I have other patterns which have a long list of abbreviations.) I know most people don't need these links, but I would like to keep the links in there if it will help just one person out there who needs that extra info. You know? So, does anybody know how to get links to work? Or do I just have to type out the URL and people will just have to copy/paste the location into their browser?


2 stitch(es):

Madeline said...

Actually, your links are NOT lost. Someone viewing the file simply has to change their cursor from the little hand to the little select icon that looks like an I. That then lets you click on the URLs. Personally I am having other Reader issues-- specifically the document downloaded fine and suddenly the text warped into something unreadable. It's not the first time for me and I'm trying to figure out what's up.

Anonymous said...

hello all, thx for sharing the file, anyway it is very slow it doesn't worked the first time for me. I have put the file on a faster file sharing server here:


hope this will help you.
have a good day