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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pattern posting format

Well whadya know, my computer did NOT auto adjust its time today. Of course there was a curve ball this year since Daylight Saving Time happened a bit earlier than previous years. So I guess the auto-adjusting (or lack of) had something to do with not installing all those patches which this little icon in the corner of my screen had been nagging me to do since the beginning of time. I suppose I could configure it to auto-install everything for me as they come up, but I have control issues... I want to know what gets installed on this computer and when. And you guys already know that things move slowly in my house, so this will never get done. Yes, my computer is wide open... pretty bad for someone who used to preach to others how they should use prophylactics and regularly back up their hard drives. I don't practice what I preach. At least my virus defs are up to date...

DH's solution to all this is to get a MacBook Pro. He's offered to get me one for quite a while now. They certainly are attractive, but I fear the learning curve and the time spent to move everything over to the new platform, install new software, and get used to the Mac way of doing things. I suppose I should try to learn how to use my digital camera first?

Have you read this article about what it's really like to switch to a Mac? It's an amusing read.

I'm so lazy, I still haven't adjusted the time manually. If I hold out long enough, it will be the "correct" time again... yes? no? maybe?


Thank you for all the feedback on pattern posting formatting.

I'll play around with...

  1. Flip flopping the positions of the pattern proper and the abbreviations.
  2. Looking into Libby's suggestion of creating PDF files. I already have Adobe Acrobat which comes with a PDF Writer, so I'm guessing I won't need to download/install CutePDF.
  3. Coloring text.

The PDF file suggestion is looking very attractive right now. I think this will solve the problem Alice pointed out to me about printing the blog posts, where half the pages are for the pattern and the other half are comments to the blog post. I understand how this can eat up a lot of paper & ink. So PDF files look like a good solution for this.

My questions...

  1. What do I do with the PDF files? I mean, where can I put them so that people can download them? I don't think Blogger can do it???
  2. Well, that's my only question, but I just discovered the bulleting button in the Blogger editor and wanted to play around with it some more. :-)


Allison wrote: Your heart cloth looks great! Are you going to post the pattern or have I missed it somewhere?

It is already on my blog. You can find links to all my patterns from the sidebar (on the right side) underneath the "free patterns" section. Just scroll down until you find the photo or name of the pattern you're looking for. Now you have to make a choice... you can click on either the photo or the text link as they'll both take you to the same pattern page. :-)


Ok, time to get back to work. So far I've changed the sheets, dried/put away the dishes, washed more dishes, cleaned the bathroom, halfway through prepping food for M, and am working through 3 loads of laundry so far. Need to think about cooking something for DH's lunch. Still have more house things to do and a Costco run. And I need to wrap up M's birthday presents... this is the tricky part, since I want to do it on the coffee table but then she'll see what I'm doing. It'll probably have to wait until late at night when I'm too tired to wrestle with wrapping paper.

What to make for dinner tonight? I'm thinking a simple chicken & spinach (possibly with french beans if I can get some today) stir fry.

Teatime... today I am drinking some Lung Ching green tea from Harney & Sons. I don't think they're a well know tea company on this side of the country, they're based in CT. Need to go brew more...

I can't believe I spent so much time sitting here typing up this post. No wonder I get so little knitting done! lol...


4 stitch(es):

Put a Sock in it said...

I have never regretted switching from PC to Mac five years ago. I have two desk-tops and an i-Book, and would have to be forced to return to Windows. :D

LibbyKnitKins said...


I have the adobe program as well and for the life I me I just could not figure it out. I did it this way cuz it was sooo much easier. Well it was for me anyway. Good luck with whatever you decide.

As far as how to get the file on your computer? I dont know. DH hosts a server on our computer that I have some space on. I just tell blogspot to look there when I'm posting patterns.


junior_goddess said...

Adobe just isn't that bad.


Pat said...

FWIW, I found your blog today through and I have to say that I'm completely impressed and love the embossed patterns. Good job!