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Monday, March 05, 2007

Thoughts for 03/05/07

Just a quickie post before Miss M wakes up from her nap. Ooooh, she was quite a tired little girl and fussed about getting into the car, but I discovered today that it is so much easier to "wrestle" her into her car seat with it forward facing.

Anyone participating in the Pampers Grow with Me points thing? I have 2 codes up for grabs, email me...


I was looking through this month's issue of The Irish Herald which lists lots of events for St Patty's Day, not that I would be able to make it to any of these events. However I noticed in one of the inserts, the St Patrick's Day Supplement, on page 3 (I guess, the pages aren't numbered, but it is the right side page after flipping the front cover), there is a photo of 3 cute litttle girls crouched around a dog. The girls are wearing these beautiful tams & cable sweaters; I couldn't help but think of Bets and her tams. Not sure exactly what I will do on St Patty's day, however I do know we'll be celebrating M's birthday. We haven't figured out the important details ... regular cake or ice cream cake? what flavor???


6 stitch(es):

Joan said...

I have someone special I would love to knit a little something for St. Patty's day but can't come up wih an idea. Is the 17th your daughter's birthday?! What fun. With all the hats you do, a tam would be a cinch. Not to mention a matching cable sweater. ;-)

Gerry said...

Chocolate! By all means! Cake and ice cream both! :) I wish I could come.

Sarah said...

I'm doing the codes thing if you haven't given them up yet. :D
ladybhuidhe at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Mint chocolate chip ice cream --- you know St. Patty's Day green!

I'm not sure what we'll be doing for St. Patrick's Day either, but I do know there will be some cabbage involved.

Happy Birthday to M!

Janet MF said...

This has nothing to do with knitting although I do knit masses. I just took the inner European test and found out I am French. This pleases me no end as I am really English, living in the far north of Canada. However I did live in France for 2 years 68/69, and it's good to know I still have some savoir faire, 40 years on.

Janet MF up in Yellowknife

country girl said...

To get photos off your phone just e-mail them to your e-mail address. Then you can save them and post to your blog. Love your knitting ideas. I'm currently working on one of your scarves.