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Monday, November 06, 2006

Big ball of yarn

I finally sat down to frog that crocheted lapghan, and rewind it into a ball with a center pull skein. So I frogged and wound, and frogged and wound. The ball became grapefruit sized and I thought, "geez, I must be getting near the yarn end soon," but no, I kept frogging and winding, no end in sight. I thought the lapghan was made with at least 2 balls of yarn. But that was definitely not the case as my ball grew larger and larger. It was no longer a large grapefruit, it was becoming a small melon! Well, here's a picture of the ball after I finished winding it. The $20 bill is there for size comparison, just to give you a better idea of how large the ball is. I really don't think this is your average 3 ounce ball of yarn. I got sloppy near the end because I was tired of holding the ball (which got pretty heavy!) in one hand while winding with the other. I don't want to rewind a ball of this size again, it's really tiring! I'm thinking I should not use the center pull skein as I can just imagine what kind of mess I'll end up with when the other part collapses on itself. I think I will just pull from the outside working inwards. I'll be making lots of hats for the Cap Karma Chemo Cap Project with this yarn...

I finally finished my first I-Cord, and am making another one. They're both for my mom. I've found I-Cords to be the perfect car project when DH is driving. I used to think that I could knit while he's driving, but he tends to get drowsy while driving so I have to talk to him to keep him awake ... which mean I can't do any knitting that requires concentration or counting. Grrr. So working on I-Cords is perfect, don't need too much brain power to work on those. It's how I finished my first I-Cord, I worked on it in the car while we drove back from the inlaws last night. Yes, it was kinda dark in the car (it's that change to Standard Time) ... another reason why I-Cords are great for mindless knitting.

I mailed off my dishcloth to my MDKAL Q4 Dishcloth Exchange partner this morning. It is my first time participating in such an exchange, I hope I did everything right, and I hope my exchange partner likes what I knitted for her. I will post the dishcloth pattern here sometime after she receives it. I just don't want to post it beforehand, otherwise it might spoil the surprise. Well actually, I really have no idea whether she reads my blog, but just in case she does, I am not posting it until later. So you guys will just have to wait a week or so. Sorry...

Don't plan on doing much knitting today. I really need to do something I've been procrastinating on ... reading that voter pamphlet I received aeons ago. Tomorrow is election day, it looks like it won't be rainy (yay!), so M & I should be able to get to the polling place without too much trouble. My voting booklet says that there is a 0.4% slope to the polling place. I think they're smoking crack cuz it is more like a 40% slope uphill. And boy is it gonna be a doozy of a walk compared to last year, with M just over 20 lbs now. I'll wear her in the Ergo Baby Carrier. I can really feel the weight difference.

Today I am drinking Everyday Jasmine tea from one of my favorite tea vendor, Imperial Tea Court. I made a pot of it, because DH took today off. I usually do pots of tea on the weekends when I feel I can sit down & relax with my cup of tea (but in reality, I'm still running around doing chores around the house). On weekdays, I tend to do tea bags for their convenience.


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