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Monday, December 10, 2007

Dress me up again

I made another Dishcloth Dress. The pattern can be found from Knit N Sew Studio.

I think my second attempt came out better than the first attempt. This time I did the single crochet correctly around the neckline (instead of the Slip Stitch I did in the first one; thanks Connie for clarifying the crochet lingo), and I made it simple by doing the bottom front section with the WS facing. It was easier to work it this way, however I think the single crochet looks better on the WS than the RS. Does it make a difference? Will people notice? Is there a right side or wrong side to crochet, like there is in knitting? I think it also helped to see Dawn's dress, and how she worked the neckline.

I can't imagine keeping this on a soap bottle for decorative use. So the only use I find for this particular cloth is in decorating soap bottles when gifting. I'm not very good with pretty gift wrapping, that's something V is good at.

Funny thing is that even though these two were both knit with P&C yarn, one came out a smidgen larger than the other. It's still too small for any practical use in my house. No, I don't use dishcloths for washing dishes. I mostly use them around the house for any application where I could use a paper towel. I also leave them on the kitchen counter to rest my mug or teapot on. I have tea stains on them from doing this. :-( I can't explain why I don't like to put my mug directly on the kitchen countertop. I think perhaps I prefer not hearing the sound made when the mug hits the counter. My mugs don't sit very well on the dress dishcloth because the top of the skirt doesn't like flat evenly, it is more puffed up at the top.


Somebody pull me away from my computer!!! I'm sitting here looking at the Elmore-Pisgah website, home of the Peaches & Cream kitchen cotton yarn, and adding stuff to the cart. I don't need more kitchen cotton!! I'm STILL working through the 3 big boxes of kitchen cotton yarn from the last couple of years!!!! On the upside, I haven't yet added enough to my cart to make the cost of shipping worthwhile. I always feel like too much is spent on shipping, when those funds could be used for better things, like more yarn. ;-) So I usually try to get my shipping price to be 15% or less than my order subtotal. Right now my shipping cost is 30% of my subtotal, which just doesn't feel right. Yeah, I'm cheap. I think it mostly has to do with not having any income.

The problem with me and kitchen cotton is that I gravitate towards the ombres (variegated) flavors when what I really want to knit with are the solids. The solids are definitely more versatile as it is difficult to find a pattern that is flattering in the ombres.


2 stitch(es):

Anonymous said...

Good day Smariek,

This washcloth dress is adorable. You are one of the main reasons I began knitting up wash/dishcloths this year. Thanks for the inspiration.

DawnK said...

Wow, I'm glad my little dishcloth dress helped! I've made two, since I made one for a Christmas present! It is a fun little project to make! I barely know how to crochet, but was able to learn how, so I could do the neckline. I don't really know if crochet has a right side or wrong side, myself! I think your little dishcloth dresses look great! I just happened to find your post, tonight.