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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dress me up a third time


Pattern: Dishcloth Dress by Knit N Sew Studio
Yarn: Peaches & Creme (don't remember the color, but I'd guess Orange Sherbet)
Needle: 5mm (US8)

I made a third dishcloth dress. At first I wasn't sure if I would manage it, if I would have enough yarn to finish, because I started with a remnant ball. It worked out in the end. :-)

It's interesting to see how all three of my dress dishcloths come out a little differently in size, even though I used Peaches & Creme yarn and 5mm needles for all of them. As a result, they all fit/hang differently on the same size Bath & Body Works liquid soap bottle.

I still think this is not a very functional design. Well, maybe if you use it to wash dishes, but I don't use dishcloths for this purpose. I'm a sponge gal.

So what do I use knitted dishcloths for? Coasters for my tea mug or tea pot. With bath wash. For wiping the kitchen counter, any anywhere else I would use a towel/sponge. Most of the dishcloths I use have tea stain on them. It is a side effect of placing my tea mug or tea pot on them. So they don't look pretty anymore.

I still have tons of kitchen cotton in my stash. I just don't feel as inspired to knit up dishcloths as I used to be...


I know that the things I like are often a bit off the beaten path. Here's something I stumbled upon which has limited appeal, but I would like to knit it someday. A Dalek! Isn't that cute? I'll have to think about a suitable yarn and color combination for this. I'm not ever sure what you stuff these with. The pattern says "batting". I have no idea what that is or where you'd find it.

I'm also thinking about a Doctor Who Scarf, patterns for all 4 flavors! (5 if you count Shada). Still. It's been on my mind for over a year. I'm still trying to find a suitable yarn that comes in the colors I will need. I know the website suggests Brown Sheep Nature Spun, however I haven't been able to find a place that sells all 7 colors that I would need. So I'm currently entertaining Knit Picks Telemark, which sounds like the right weight, being sport weight yarn.

Here are the colors I'm thinking of (purple, tan, brown, yellow, red, gray, green):

And possibly these colors instead of the red (5th swatch), green (7th swatch), and tan (2nd swatch) above:

It's difficult to choose colors when looking on swatches online because the shades could be a bit off. But these look like the best matches for the scarf. It's hard to try to choose the more drab darker shades instead of the brighter ones, but it's my understanding that it's supposed to be a dull drab looking scarf rather than a bright cheery one. If these colors work out, then I may be able to make this scarf for $70. I really have no idea how many balls of each color I would need. I'm taking a guess at 4 balls of each color, except for the green and tan which would probably need 6 balls each.


I'm also thinking about this color combination too:

Well? What do you think? The brown (3rd swatch) seems a lot darker than I would like though.

I mentioned the Dr Who Scarf to someone who responded with, "I don't know which is more ugly, the Dr Who Scarf or the Jayne Cobb Hat." Yeah, I guess both have very limited appeal... you either have to be Time Lord or a Browncoat.


Oh, one more thing... aren't these little sweater ornaments from Berroco cute? Looks like a great stash buster using leftover scraps of yarn. I'm thinking this would be great for leftover Highland Wool. The pattern mentions using 16 gauge colored wire for the hangers. I have no idea where to find that, but I guess I have a whole year to figure it out... :-)


4 stitch(es):

Anonymous said...

Talk to Ray at - he sells the Brown Sheep and has a good eye for color

LaTejanaFria said...

Batting is the flat sheets of polyester, cotton, or wool "stuffing" that goes into quilts. You could also probably use FiberFil for that Dalek. It would probably work better since you don't have to "fluff" it out of being sheets.

I recently discovered your blog and absolutely love it. Thanks for all those great patterns.



Get the wire from the craft sores, like michaels. comes on a spool, usually. those little sweaters ARE so cute! My plan is to knit a few throughout the year FROM THE STASH for Christmas 2008. From my lips to God's ear!

Jennifer said...

Love the dishcloth dress... and the Dr. Who scarf... that would be fun to knit.

Hope you and your family have a safe and wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. Happy Knitting 2008!