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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

More Sonata

You saw my purple variegated Sonata the other day. Here's my solid Sonata in (I think) Spring Orchid. I love this color!!! I should have picked up the Sonata shade card. I would have done that too if I didn't have to trim down my order to bypass customs.

Here's another shot showing you the cloth underneath.

I definitely need to throw in more Sonata in my next order...


3 stitch(es):

hakucho said...

Beautiful yarn and I just love the cloth that is under it :)

CeElle said...

Hello Marie - thanks so much for taking us with you in every step. I just
had to nominate you for the Rockin' Girl Blogger!

Thomasean said...

Hi Marie,
I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do for the world of internet knitting.

I've collected several of your patterns and I want to collect more. You are very creative and a great knitter.

Thank you.

Congradulations on your new home.