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Friday, December 19, 2008

Throw out 50 Things (part 3)

This is Part 3.
Click here for Part 1.
Click here for Part 2.
Click here for Part 4.


Here's a continuation of my attempt to throw out 50 things before 1 Jan 2009.

22 & 23: Two pots.

The one on the right was from DH's cookware set which (I think) he inherited from his mom when he moved to college. Anyhow, it is old. There is a smaller one from that set which Missy plays with. The pot on the left is a newer one from a few years ago. I loved how easy it was to lift this pot due to the weight distribution from having a shorter handle. We're throwing these out because the non-stick surface has deteriorated. Going forward, I will stick with stainless steel surfaces.

24 & 25: One long wool coat, and one very thick insulated parka.
One is a long wool coat, the other is an LL Bean Penobscot Parka. Both are DH's coats which he has not worn ever since he moved back from New Hampshire. They would be put to much better use keeping someone else warm this winter. I was surprised to find that both coats were made in USA!

26. Gloves.
Almost forgot, I also found gloves in the LL Bean Penobscot Parka pocket. That's what you see peeking out of the pocket in the photo.

27 & 28: Two obsolete inkjet printers.
Both are HP Deskjet 450 printers. These were already old when we used them many many years ago, and even then, the printers did not function most of the time. It refused to print if you looked at it wrong or breathed on it wrong. It was very frustrating to use. I even found myself holding my breath whenever I tried to print.

We stopped using these printers when the printer cable no longer connected to our newer computers, which did not have built-in printer ports. Most peripheral devices these days have USB connections; we did not have USB cables for these printers.

28 out of 50 ... that's 56%. Yay! I'm past the halfway mark.

Well this was certainly a surprise. I received this from Georgi for having the most comments on her recent blog contest. Never mind that I told her that I was not entering the contest. There is a pretty kitty card, some silky wool in my favorite color, and sock yarn. OK, I definitely need to get started in the sock knitting dept. On the upside, I'm getting closer to receiving the sock size DPNs I ordered from Knit Picks, which turned out to be on back order until 23 Dec 2008.

I have lots to blog about, but no time. I'm running around like crazy, and I'm still trying to meet deadlines! Eeks!!!

Time for a quick lunch, then its off to the library to return some things, and then to Missy's daycare for their class Christmas party. I have to remember to bring the cookies for the party. I thought I'd get the gifts wrapped up for the 3 daycare teachers. Sigh, that didn't happen. I'll try to get that together over the weekend.

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4 stitch(es):

Aunt Kathy said...

Congratulations on winning over at Georgi's.

I know you are gonna love making the socks with your new needles when they come.

Anonymous said...

I was very pleasantly surprised when I found a scarf called Marijke on Ravelry. I was looking for an interesting pattern; that is, interesting enough for a whole scarf (knitting scarfs can be a bit dull if the pattern is easy..). My eldest daughter, now 12 years old (or young should I say) is called Marijke. As you can see in my email adress, we're from the Netherlands, where this name is fairly common. Or was common, nowadays it is considered to be oldfashioned, as is the name of my youngest daughter: Willemijn. Both names are very difficult to pronounce if you're not Dutch. The fact that you named a scarf Marijke therefore is very surprising and also very, very nice. I will surely knit it and will combine it with Petra's lace scarf, because my sister in law is called Petra. The scarf is a present for my other sister in law, so she will be wearing a family affair scarf! Besides the names I really love your designs; they are beautiful and I love the fact that you share them with all of us! Thank you!Anje

junior_goddess said...

Your talley is actually larger if you think of it as 1) pot and 2) lid.

Just saying.

Chris said...

I need to throw out way more than 50 things--maybe someday. You will love knitting socks. I learned 2 years ago on DP's. I just learned magic loop--am liking that too. Merry Christmas to you and yours.