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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Still disgusted with brown mitt

I'm still disgusted with this brown mitt. Remember the wrist cuff length problem I had mentioned before? The wrinkles didn't stop there. I ran out of yarn as I was finishing this mitt, with only 2 rounds left to go before binding off. I knew it would be close and thought I would have just enough to finish.

I ended up frogging the thumb and starting it over with a fresh ball of yarn.

So now I'm done with the brown mitts, right? Well, yes. But I can't say I'm really happy with them.

What is the first thing you notice about these brown mitts? Yeah, one mitt is a little longer by 2 or 3 rounds. Oh well...

Pattern: Warm Hands, Warm Thumbs Fingerless Mitts
Yarn: Elann Highland Wool, Coffee Bean Brown , 2 balls
Needles: 4.5 mm US7

Yarn: Elann Highland Wool, Aubergine, 2 balls
Needles: 4.5 mm US7

I think these purple ones came out much better, and I am happy with them. :-)

You already saw the gray pair in my 19 Oct 2008 post. Three down, one more to go.

Copyright © Smariek Knits 2005-2008. All full copyright rights are reserved by Smariek Knits.

Since it is that time of year for wearing woolly knits, I gave them a gentle bath in some Eucalan wool wash and lay them out to dry.

The pink Asherton Toddlerr Hat and the purple Pythagorean Hat (purple hat blogged here) to the right of it belong to Missy. The pink one is now too small for her. I'm always a little sad when she outgrows her clothes. I am still in denial as I have no put away her size 3 clothes into storage boxes yet, and she is just starting to outgrow her size 4 clothes and I am phasing in some of her size 5 clothes. I just can't admit she's growing so fast. Anyhow, the purple hat still fits her. It stretched out a bit during the washing/blocking process, and I swear I did not pull on it to make it bigger!

The purple hat on the left is my 3AM Cable Hat (purple hat blogged here). Missy also wears this sometimes too. She doesn't care if hats are too large for her. Just roll up the brim a little bit and she is happy.

So Missy has been wearing her purple Pythagorean Hat (and sometimes my purple 3AM Cable hat) to daycare. When I picked her up last time I found this loopy piece of yarn hanging loose from the hat! Eeks! The weird thing is that nothing is severed. Whew! When I look at the loose bit of yarn and follow it in either direction, everything looks fine! I'm not sure how to "fix" this.

The scarf in the blocking photo is M's Asherton Toddler Scarf. I think she's worn it once since I washed it, and I don't think I will send her to daycare with it because I just feel more comfortable if she's under my supervision while wearing it, even if the scarf is tucked inside her jacket.

Time for a quickie late lunch, finish up some laundry, and run over to Ranch 99 to pick up udon.

Copyright © Smariek Knits 2005-2008. All full copyright rights are reserved by Smariek Knits.

6 stitch(es):

Aunt Kathy said...

My my you have been busy. I still have quite a bit to do. I best get to it, huh?

Jean said...

Udon sounds good right now, it is raining so hard and I spent 1.5 hours getting home in it. Maybe a little kamaboko and tamago with scallions on it too. I did giggle a little at your brown mitts, its nice to know others make little booboos as well. I think the Pink hat would be really cute on a doll, would that work for now? Then it could still be out and about. As far as scarves and young children, I would rather they be under my supervision as well, because things can happen, especially at that age, wise choice.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Well, you could always shorten the long mitt by a couple rounds! I'd have to do that; I can't stand it when things aren't symmetrical. Just another of my quirks.

The loop on the hat? Just pull it through to the back side. You can try to work it back in by evening out the tension, but if you can't see it from the front, no worries!

CatBookMom said...

Ahem. About the long/short mitt pair? I discovered a perfectly nice hat and mitts set that I forgot I'd finished last year. Exact same problem with my mitts, except they had a lacy pattern (matching the hat) in the middle, so not just a difference in overall length, but in space on the ends of the lace. I say had, since I decided just to frog the dratted things!

My verification word is 'formet' - any meaning in French?

Just frog a couple of rows in the longer mitt. And pull the snag inside the hat.

Unknown said...

the mitts look great! Who cares if one is longer? You probably can't tell when they are on. Oh well!

Yes, the kids grow so fast. My little baby is now mobile and crawling. It's weird when you look at them and get a glimpse of them as an adult.

TracyKM said...

Meg and Lucy both like to wear my hats. I finally got Huey to wear a hat when he was little, by (accidently) making it too big.
For that don't notice anything on the right side because the stitches have been pulled tight, and basically a row has been pulled so tight it's invisible. When you graft something, like shoulders, you can do this too--either graft so you make a new row, or pull the grafting yarn tight so it disappears, but then you see where the two rows meet. To get rid of the loop, take a knitting needle, and loosen each stitch on either side of the'll probably have to do about 3 sts on each side of the loop. This happens a lot with Meg's blanket, sometimes she gets really long loops---like a foot of yarn has been pulled out!