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Saturday, December 27, 2008

2008 Finished Objects

Here are some of the projects I finished in 2008.

Mom's vest (pattern is here; blogged here with extensive notes)

Cable Bag #1 : Thick & Thin Lattice Cables (pseudo pattern here)

Cable Bag #2: Persephone (blog post)

Cable Bag #3: Four Rib Braid Cables (pseudo pattern here)

Four-Rib Braid iPod Touch Sock (pseudo pattern here)

Hera Blanket Square for Benne (pattern here, blog post here)

Saint Albans Valentine Cable Scarf (pattern is here)
Matching Saint Albans Valentine Cable Mitts pattern is here.

Londinium Scarf (pattern is here)

Sihnon Scarf (pattern is here)

Ezra Cable Scarf (pattern is here)

Petra Lace Scarf (pattern is here)

Regina Scarf for MIL (Pattern is here; blogged here)
Matching Regina Mitts pattern is here.

Triumph Scarf (pattern is here)

Hera Scarf (pattern is here)

Flora Scarf (outlined here)

Miles Scarf (outlined here)

Shadow Scarf (pattern is here)

Beaumonde Scarf (Pattern is here)

Marijke Scarf (pattern is here)

Paquin Scarf (Pattern is here)

Twisted Rope Scarf (pattern is here)

Bainbridge Scarf (pattern is here)

Seeded Rib Scarf in Elann Cuzco (Pattern is here, blog post here)

Cozy Bathrobe Scarf (Pseudo Pattern here)

Regina Fingerless Mitts (Pattern is here)
Matching Regina Scarf pattern is here.

Persephone Fingerless Mitts (Pattern is here)
Matching Persephone Scarf pattern is here.

Four Rib Braid Cable Mitts (Pattern is here)

Warm Hands, Warm Thumbs Fingerless Mitts (Pseudo Pattern here; blogged here and here)

Warm Hands, Warm Thumbs Fingerless Mitts (Pseudo Pattern here; blogged here)

Warm Hands, Warm Thumbs Fingerless Mitts (Pseudo Pattern here)

Warm Hands Fingerless Mitts (Pseudo Pattern here)

Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket (Pattern is here)

Asherton Toddler Hat (Pattern is here)

Utopia Hats for Cap Karma (Pattern is here)

Petra Cloth (based on Petra Lace Scarf pattern)

Heart Lace Cloth (Pattern is here)

4 Embossed Hearts Cloth (Pattern is here)

Circles Cloth (Pattern is here)

Elmo Cloth (Pattern is here)

Embossed Leaves Cloth (instructions here)

Embossed Twining Vine Leaf Cloth (outlined here)

Eyelet and Bead Cloths (Pattern is here; blog post here)

Small Arrow Cloth (pattern is here)

Twist to the Left, Twist to the Right Cloth (Pattern is here)

Intertwined Cloth (Pattern is here)

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4 stitch(es):

Aunt Kathy said...

Beautiful as always. Is that baby blanket a feather and fan pattern?

Jean said...

Congrats on your finished projects. You are such a dear to share your patterns with us, I know it takes away from your actual knitting time, but is very much appreciated by your fellow knitters!

Virtuous said...

You always have the best stitch patterns on your projects!

AAAh that time of year again! The year in review! :oD I need to do the same!

katknit said...

You certainly had a very creative, successful knitting year. Very impressive! I really like everything.