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Sunday, December 21, 2008

lunes, martes, ...


Monday, Tuesday
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday, Sunday, the days of the week

Missy has learned the days of the week in daycare by singing this song. And she is definitely getting a better grasp of which day comes next, which days she goes to daycare, etc. Sorry, I can't say what tune this song is sung to.

lunes, martes
miércoles, jueves, viernes
sábado, domingo, the days of the week

They're also singing the song in Spanish too! Missy has picked up on lunes, martes, sábado, and domingo, however she mumbles miércoles, jueves, and viernes because she hasn't quite gotten them yet.

lundi, mardi
mercredi, jeudi, vendredi,
samedi, dimanche, the days of the week

So I thought I'd try introducing her to the days of the week in French, using the same tune. Ooooh, that didn't go so well. She got a bit confused, perhaps because it was somewhat close to Spanish. I'll try again in the future.

I guess toddlers learn better when something is sung. At daycare, they also sing their before meal prayers to the tune of Frère Jacques:

Lord we thank you. Lord we thank you.
For our food. For our food.
Everyday we love you. Everyday we pray to you.
God is good. God is good.

This is followed by:

In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

And now that it is the holidays, they have been teaching the kids Christmas carols this month. Missy loves to sing the songs at home. There was a Christmas party at school last Friday and all the kids sang them for us. It was really cute!

I meant to have the Christmas gifts for the 3 daycare teachers ready to give on the day of the Christmas party. It didn't happen. I had everything ready, however the process of getting it all into gift bags just didn't happen. Missy & I managed to wrap it all up today. The next hurdle is remembering to bring it with us as we rush out the door tomorrow morning. During the Christmas Party, I noticed that some of the other kids only gave presents to the 2 main daycare teachers. I don't know whether I was supposed to give gifts to only these 2 main teachers. I didn't want the 3rd to feel left out, so I planned for 3 gifts. The 3rd daycare teacher spends a lesser amount of time in the classroom with the kids, so perhaps this is why most of the other kids didn't think to include her(?).

Missy is really looking forward to Christmas. Almost everyday she will ask, "Is today Christmas?" She hasn't quite grasped the concept of days of the months and months in the year. Lately she's been working in the words "last year" in her conversation referring to things that happened in recent days, weeks, or months. Some day she will understand what "last year" means.

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5 stitch(es):

junior_goddess said...

i think the other teacher will appreciate hers MORE, if that makes any sense.

Maybe Miss M would find "a few days ago" a useful term, because it's hard to get chronological when you are a kid.

You will have sooooo much fun in 'a few days'!

Joan said...

Isn't it fun that she is old enough to be an active holiday participant? BTW your avatar looks FABULOUS, so festive in a chic Joan Crawford way. Merry Christmas to you & family, Marie!

CatBookMom said...

Love the formal dress.

I remember in junior high (beginning Spanish) learning "lunes, martes, miercoles, tres; jueves, viernes, sábado, seis; y domingo, siete." It must have been helping to learn days and numbers. If Miss M can learn either or both Spanish and French at this age, so much easier for her than for us at our ages. And I think knowing Spanish is going to be more important here in California. Put the gift bags by the door so you can't go out without them.

Aunt Kathy said...

Sometimes I wish I still had that view on "time" that I did when I was a child. Now there is just not enough of it at all.

Jean said...

It's funny that you mentioned the days of the week, I started to learn Spanish today, in addition to the French that I've begun and was listening to the days of the week. Spanish does have similarities to French, so I thought it would be a kick to learn them both. Bon Nuit