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Monday, August 18, 2008

3 balls out of 5


Triumph Cable Scarf, 3balls length

Woohoo! I've knit 3 balls out of 5 in my Triumph Scarf.

I've discovered that I was all wrong last week about how much progress I should be making each day on this scarf. My goal should not have been to knit x inches per day. Since I have only 5 balls of Elann Luxury Superwash DK yarn for this scarf, and knowing that I only have 17 days to knit this scarf, then I really should have figured on knitting 1 ball of yarn every 3 days, which should leave me with a little extra time to weave in ends. In this case, I am on schedule. :-)


Check out this needle gauge made by Karastix. It is so cute! And it's exactly what I need! This 29 hole needle gauge is what I need for those in-between sizes most needle gauges don't measure (such as 3.0 mm). I experienced some needle discrepancies while knitting these fingerless mitts where some of my needles which were marked US2 / 2.75 mm were actually more like 3.0 mm (which is not quite US3 / 3.25 mm). Unfortunately the Susan Bates needle gauge I have does not measure those in-between sizes. So this needle gauge would be perfect! And you have to admit that the turtles are really cute.


3 stitch(es):

Aunt Kathy said...

Marie I saw those needle gauges and the rest of the set on Turtles blog... Oh I want one, the whole set. I loved it. I actually emailed the store owner and the whole set was like $122 umm not yet. That's a little out of my price range. Maybe I can get them one piece at a time.

Your scarf is amazing... I LOVE IT

junior_goddess said...

Hey. I read your Saturday post. It seems to me that you've contributed your requisite addition to those sad statistics, and I hope you are clear now. The first is terrible, the second is not as bad. I am sending you a hug.

And I nominated you for a blog award.

hakucho said...

That's great that you are right on track with your's lovely :)