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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Regina Scarf for MIL


Regina Scarf for MIL

Regina Cable Scarf for MIL

Pattern: Regina Cable Scarf
Yarn: Elann Luxury Merino Superwash, Ruby Red
Needles: 5mm (US8)

I still find it very frustrating to take photographs of any of my red colored knitting. The camera has a difficult time focusing. And when the camera does manage to focus, the photo is always "off" somehow.

Hey, this scarf looks a lot like the pink scarf I made last December! No, I didn't throw it into a pot of dye. I just finished a second one in red. This one is knit with the same yarn, Elann Luxury Merino Superwash, one of my current favorite yarns. Can you tell from how often I've used this yarn? The color is Ruby Red, which is currently out of stock. This scarf is a bit longer than the pink one. I used about 5.5 balls of yarn to work 12 repeats of the pattern for each half.

I started this scarf in January 2008 after my MIL commented on the pink Regina Scarf I wore. It was the first time she really commented on any knitwear I wore to her house. She rarely takes notice of my knitting, so I took this as a sign that she might like having a Regina Scarf of her own. This scarf should have been completed by March or April at the latest. I had knit the first half, then it spent months languishing on our living room sofa where more alluring knits called to me whenever I had a few minutes to knit a little bit. So I thought entering this scarf as my Ravelympics WIPs Wrestling project would help give me that extra push to finish off the scarf. And I really did chip away at it during that 17 day window. Really! Unfortunately I couldn't finish it before the Ravelympics deadline. I like to think that I would have finished the scarf during the last few days of Ravelympics -- I only had ~32 rows left, plus grafting the two halves and weaving in ends -- if it weren't for Miss M coming down with a nasty fever of 104ºF (40ºC), among other not so fun things.

Miss M is still sick so I've been taking care of her, trying to convince her that rest & liquids are best. She missed day care on Monday and I think she misses her friend K there, amosg all the other fun activities in day care. I don't think it is a coincidence that she has come down with something shortly after starting day care this month. We took her to see Dr. L yesterday for some reassurances and I thought it was interesting hearing how we could alternate acetaminophen and ibuprofen every 3 hours.

The bobbles in this scarf are worked by doing a 5 stitch increase, turning the work, and purling 5 stitches. During a short section of the scarf I tried to teach myself to knit backwards so I wouldn't have to keep turning the scarf. It was awkward at first, then I got the hang of it and it became easier. However I didn't feel this was a great improvement since it took me such a long time to purl backwards. Then I reverted back to my old ways, of turning my scarf every time I worked a bobble. There is a nice little article on Knitty about knitting backwards if you want to learn how this nifty technique.


5 stitch(es):

hakucho said...

Beautiful scarf :)

Sure hope your little on feels better real soon :)

Aunt Kathy said...

That scarf I think is my favorite. I'd like to make one in pink

HUGS to miss M hope she feels better soon.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Hugs for M hope she will feel better soon.I havent done bobbles yet but I would like to the scarf is very pretty.

Gerwerken said...

Thank you for the knitting backward link. I generally avoid bobbles because I hate turning anything that often. Knitting backward could be just the thing.

Anonymous said...

Your patterns are so pretty! You've got an amazing talent!

BTW, you've received an award. You can claim it on my blog.

I look forward to seeing more of your lovely creations!