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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hera Scarf Pattern


Pattern: Hera Cable Scarf (see below for pattern)
Yarn: Elann Luxury Merino Superwash DK, Irish Moss , 7 balls
Needles: 5mm (US8)

Row-by-row instructions are now available! Isn't it ridiculous how long it has taken me to put together row-by-row instructions for this scarf? I made the chart back in May, made the chart available for download in June, and now we're creeping up to September. At least I got it all done this year. :-)

I actually found it more difficult to type up row-by-row instructions for this after not having looked at the pattern for such a long time. That'll teach me to procrastinate!

I designed the scarf on paper on May 3rd. The scarf started out a little rough as I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do, 3 cables or 5 cables? As I was trying out the 5-cable version, I ran into a little snag and had to frog. (I have some links in my sidebar about fixing cable mistakes; I was just too lazy or didn't have enough wine to tackle my particular cable which was a mixture of 3-stitch & 4-stitch cable crossings of either all knit stitches or combination knit/purl stitches). It was just as well. I just couldn't get a good marriage between that sport weight yarn and the 5-cable pattern due to the scratchiness of the yarn. It was definitely not next-to-skin soft thus wouldn't do for a scarf. On May 13, Vicki told me she preferred the 3-cable version. Sometimes it's good to get other people's opinion during the design process. :-) So this ended up being a 3-cable scarf with my favorite DK weight yarn, Elann Luxury Merino Superwash. The color is Irish Moss, which is really lovely when seen in person. In the end, I do like how this scarf turned out. Both 3-cable & 5-cable versions are available for download in chart format.

In June, the pattern become one small square in Benne's blanket; there was a followup post about Benne's Blanket here which has a link to the finished blanket. You must see it! There are some incredible squares in her blanket.

Hera Cable Scarf Pattern in chart format has been available for quite some time, look here:

Hera Cable Scarf Pattern in row-by-row instructions format:
Triumph Scarf Pattern from (no registration required, just click on link & save file)

My series of cable scarves...

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St. Albans Valentine Cable Scarf: Peruvian Luxury Merino Superwash
100% Machine Washable Fine Merino Wool
21-22 st/4 inches 3.75-4.0 mm (US 5-6)
112 m (122 yards) per 50g (1.75 oz) ball
$3.98 USD per ball

Stitches used in the Hera Cable Scarf include:
Knit-Two Purl-Two Ribbing, BW1 pg 39
Loop The Loop, BW3 pg 119
Twin Waves, BW2 pg 189

3 stitch(es):

Allison said...

WOW! That is one goregous scarf! I'm so impressed with all your gorgeous cabled scarves and you are so sweet to share the patterns with us. It takes me forever to finish a cabled scarf and here you've knit so many!

Aunt Kathy said...

Marie I love looking at these cabled scarves but I start shaking just thinking about knitting them... scary cables, lol

Antonela said...

This scarf looks absolutely stunning! I've been raiding the internet for a perfect, Celtic-inspired scarf and I believe I've just found one! Thank you so much for providing a row-by-row pattern.. it makes it a lot easier! I have just browsed through all of your knits and am astonished at how talented and creative you are!!! I can't even imagine how much time it has taken you to create all those wonderful masterpieces. However seeing as though all of your works are so stunning, It's all worth it!

Thank you for providing the world with beautiful knitting patterns. I can't wait to knit this scarf!!!