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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Triumph Cable Scarf Chart

This is a followup to my original post about the Ravelympics and the swatch I made for it.

Last night I created the chart for the Triumph Scarf swatch you saw yesterday. It's rather amusing how this came about. It all started on Friday when I translated that center-cable chart into row-by-row instructions while adding in the extra cables/stitches on either side of it. I got all of this onto 2 sheets of paper, then transcribed them onto index cards (which I knit from). Then I translated what I had on my index cards into an Excel chart. I must say that as time consuming as this was, it was way easier than doing the chart for my Hera Scarf (btw, I still need to get off my lazy behind and type up the row-by-row for that one). I uploaded the chart to this morning, so y'all can take a lookie if interested.

I think the only reason I managed to get all of this together so quickly is because Miss M spent the night with her grandparents. It was a nice little change for us, DH & I, to go out to dinner. Nothing fancy, just The Fish Market Restaurant. I've never been disappointed with the fish there. I had sea bass, he had sablefish. It's actually a kid friendly restaurant. I've taken Miss M there for lunch and she loves it. I think having the basil tomato side dish and the flourless chocolate cake has something to do with it. It was a nice change to actually get to eat the tomatoes last night; Miss M usually eats them all.

Ok, I'm feeling good about this. I have my pattern. I have my yarn. I even set aside needles for this. I'm just waiting for August 8 to begin knitting. Hopefully I'll be able to finish by August 24 and have some photos to share with you. I think the Ravelympics is a fun way to motivate me to start and FINISH a knitting project.

Triumph Cable Scarf Chart can be downloaded here:
Triumph Cable Scarf Chart from (last updated Sept 1, 2008)


I'm so bummed. My little laptop mouse is dying on me, it works intermittently. While rummaging through a box (yes, we still haven't unpacked from out move), I fished out an old Microsoft Explorer mouse. Plugged it in. It works! Yay! However this mouse drives me nuts!!! The wheel does not click. It's smooth scrolling and feels weird. And that's not all. It often does absolutely nothing when I scroll the wheel. So I end up having to scroll several times before my window actually scrolls up/down. And I find it difficult to scroll precisely. Very very annoying. I'm finding myself using the window scroll bar more than the mouse wheel. I definitely need to find another rodent...


4 stitch(es):

Barbara said...

Thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear about your rodent. A little thing like that can make one batty!

hakucho said...

Once you get used to a certain kind of mouse it 's hard to get used to a new one!

Thanks for the scarf pattern :)

happy knitting :)

Aunt Kathy said...

My laptop didn't come with a mouse and for weeks I was totally all thumbs. I am finally getting the hang of it and now maybe I won't go buy one after all.

Now to go look at your chart.

Ghislaine said...

I have a small Logitech mouse I use with my laptop - couldn't live without it! Hope you find a good replacement.

I knit from index cards too! Best way I've ever found not to get lost on the wrong row of a lace pattern.

Thanks for the new pattern!