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Friday, August 01, 2008

Lights off

Ever sit on the exam table at the doctor's office for such a long time that the lights eventually turn off automatically? I was quite surprised when this happened to me for the first time on Thursday. There was no clock in the room so I had no idea how much time had passed. I was just happy to have some quiet time to do a little knitting! I guess pushing yarn around two needles was not enough movement for the motion detector. Next time I'll just have to remember to stick an arm or leg out every now and then.

I think I knit about 800 stitches while I waited. It's so relaxing to have something to concentrate on ... knitting, purling, and a few assorted cables thrown in to keep things interesting. I hardly noticed how long I had to wait for my doctor to show up.

I wonder what doctors think when they walk into an exam room and find their patient knitting. Is this common? Or do they think it's strange? It sure does beat reading whatever magazines they have on the rack.

Anyhow, my doctor's appt was not a good one however the news I received wasn't any big surprise to me. I think I'm becoming more in tune with my body so I had my suspicions. Although I must say I am not looking forward to going through the same experience I had a few months back in March.

Perhaps third time's the charm.


Today I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly (Ravelry link), an Elannite. She's just as cute in person as in her photos. We petted wooly goodness at Green Planet Yarn and had some chai at Orchard Valley Coffee. This is my first visit to a yarn shop in the south bay. Is it bad that Purlescence Yarns wasn't my first? I'll have to try visiting Purlescence next week while Miss M is in daycare. Today was Miss M's first day at daycare, which made it very convenient to meet Kelly and run a few errands today. I felt so liberated! I even managed to knit a few more rows of my MIL's scarf; I'm hoping to finish it by Christmas.


Ripple Rib Stitch

I was playing around with the Miniature Leaf pattern from BW1 using this Elann Baby Silk yarn in black which I picked up in August 2005. These little balls probably think I'm neglecting them as they've spend the past 3 years sitting in a box or drawer. This is my first time playing with my Baby Silk. The yarn is 80% baby alpaca and 20% silk. It is soft stuff! Anyhow the Miniature Leaf pattern wasn't working out for what I wanted to do so I frogged it before I could even take a photo of my little swatch. Sorry. I was eager to frog and start something new.

The photo above is the Ripple Rib Stitch pattern from BW1. It's not easy to see the pattern on black yarn. You can almost detect a zig zaggy pattern. I tried taking two photos, one without flash and one with flash. I thought the one with flash would show the pattern a little better but it actually turned out worse. I'm frogging this one. The pattern is a bit too subtle for what I want to use it for; you wouldn't even notice the zig zag pattern.

I like this Baby Silk yarn although it would be more fun knitting it in a lighter color. I find it difficult to see what I'm doing on black yarn.


Sorry it has been such a long time since my last post. I've had a lot of things going on here. And it did not help that I finally stumbled upon my Sims Makin Magic CD #1 which I "lost" during our house move. Who woulda thunk it would be hiding out in an opaque plastic container designed for 5.25" floppies (along with a few CDs of Champs Elysées)! So of course I had to go install the base game plus all the expansion packs, then get sucked into the game for hours. My first family, Aedan and Dubhlainn are doing well. Aedan is a businessman while Dubhlainn is an art dealer.


11 stitch(es):

Aunt Kathy said...

I don't think I was around in March to know what medical issues you had, but I'll be praying for you, that this is the last of whatever this is.

Perhaps for that black yarn you can do a drop stitch... it's so delicate looking and even in black it will look pretty.

CatBookMom said...

Sorry to hear the news; I know you were really hoping for a different report. Hugs!

One suggestion for knitting with black or very dark yarns is to put a white or light-colored kitchen towel on your lap, so that you've got a good contrast background. I have used this with some good success.

How did Miss M enjoy daycare?

Anonymous said...

Big hug for you, dear Marie!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear your news. Sending big hugs your way, and hoping things go easier this time.

My doctor is pretty used to seeing me knitting when she comes in; she always asks what I'm knitting "this time." I haven't had the lights go out on me, though!

Claudia said...

I've never brought knitting to my doctor appointments, but you've given me a great idea. Going to my various cancer doctors now can be quite unnerving so I will definitely start bringing knitting to give me something else to think about. Thanks!

I don't know what happened to you in March but if you would like to talk, I'm here. And I will keep you in my prayers. Your warm and loving comments through the last few months of my ordeal sure have brought me a lot of smiles, thank you very much. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

It's great that knitting is so portable. If you're waiting for a while, it almost gets so that you don't want the doctor to arrive.... "just another row, just another row....!"

Allison said...

So sorry about the bad news. I'm thinking of you and will cross my fingers for that third time charm. I never thought to bring knitting to the doctor - what a great idea!

Teenuh said...

I'm sorry you got bad news at the doctor. I know the feeling well. I'm suspecting you were at the new Camino Medical Group building? I've been in an exam room there waiting for my doctor quietly knitting and had the lights turn off on me too. I knit all the time while I'm waiting for my doctors, one even looks forward to see what sock I'm knitting on when I come.

CC said...

Way back I was in that paper gown on the table waiting for the Doctor to come in and had an earthquake happen. That was an experience!

Take care of yourself; sending good thoughts.

TracyKM said...

Oh, I hope things aren't too bad. I can't believe it was March, it seems like last month!
Have you read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility"? (Or it might be 'Control'). I know a lot of women have been helped by it :)

hakucho said...

So sorry to hear your bad news. I'll be praying for you to have a much easier time this time. Big hugs for you!!

I always take my knitting with me, but I've never had the lights go out on me!!! I really don't mind waiting when I have my knitting with me :)