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Sunday, January 11, 2009

kindergartener sized

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Pattern: Angelina Cable Mitts
Yarn: Elann Highland Wool, orchid pink
Needles: 4.5 mm (US7)

You had seen the left mitt in my 7Jan09 post. I used the toddler size version I made earlier in the week as a sizing reference point when resizing these for Udar's soon-to-be 6 yr old girl, Angelina. They're just a little wider with a slightly larger thumb. These photos show what the results look like on my 3 yr old:

I must say these photos came out better than I expected. You'd never guess that she was constantly in motion the entire time I tried to snap these. This is how I envisioned Missy's version would come out ... more wrist coverage, more finger coverage. But NOOOOO, my picky toddler wanted hers short all around (see 4Jan09 post).

Yes, there is tape on her finger. We were mending something (paper + toddler = rips), and she took a small piece of tape to wrap around her finger.

Missy is enjoying the purple pair I made for her, and hasn't lost them yet. She can't distinguish the left one from the right one; it's a good thing these are interchangeable. I think it just bothers me when she mixes them up, because I intended the twists to twist outwards on both hands. Nobody else would really notice the difference.

I've started another pair of these mitts in a peachy color, this one will be a ladies small size (viz. fits my hand). Ok, I know I said I would stop winging it, but I can't help myself! It's like an addiction. Maybe I need a 12 step program.

Today, I spent the day doing the unglamorous task of looking at commodes and I think I have found the one I want. Well, the 2nd one on my want list. It's the American Standard Champion 4, because it is one of the few toilets with a 4" flush valve. Bigger is better. The only thing I haven't quite decided on is whether to go with an elongated bowl (like photo above) or round bowl (like photo below). They advertise the elongated styles as being more comfortable.

The round bowl model comes in a more standard height, which might be better for Missy. The elongated bowl model is higher by 1 to 2 inches.

Yes, these are #2 on my want list. The one that was at the top of the list is also a Champion 4 model, however it is a one-piece unit (instead of 2 separate pieces, bowl and tank) -- great for easy cleaning. The downside of this one is that I saw it for $500 at HD. Eeks! Oh, did I mention we need to get two? Yes, both of the ones that came with our new house are leaky and super loud wailers. It has gotten progressively worse over the past year. We are just fed up with them.

Now that I have finished Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell on 26 CDs, I have started Lord of the Rings Return of the King which is short in comparison, only 16 CDs! I'm near the end of the 2nd CD, and I'm wondering whether I should have chosen a book with more instant gratification before beginning this one. It's slow going as I tend to listen to audio books while knitting in bed. My current "bed" project is a lace scarf, something that requires so much concentration that I am unable to work on it while watching TV. That's why I have "mindless" knitting for the telly. The peachy mitts fit that bill. Which do you think you'll get to see first? Prolly the mitts, the scarf is moving slower than molasses on a cold winter's day.

Okeedokee, time to go make a minor dent in tonight's episode of 24; thank goodness for Tivo!
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12 stitch(es):

pdxknitterati said...

The mitts look great, and they are such instant gratification. No wonder you can't stop!

Jean said...

I actually did not prefer the elongated bowl (I have both at home and wish I had not chosen it). I'm only a little over 5 feet and on the petite side, maybe its more comfortable for taller people. Also my bathroom is not that large and it juts out into it quite a bit. When I replace it, I will go back to the standard. Now back to knitting - cute mitts, I giggled at the part about the twists.

choo choo knits said...

the mitts are adorable - i need to make myself a pair one of these days!

And forget the commode - i love the flooring in the first photo - like i need any more "to-do's" on my list!

Anonymous said...

We have one elongated and two round. The family much prefers the elongated one. DH says if he had his druthers all would be elongated, no round.

Aunt Kathy said...

I thought you were showing the toilets because you were knitting some rugs and covers for them, lol

Anita O said...

the mitts turned out nice. I like the coverage better.

I can't knit and listen to audiobooks. Even if it's a granny's favorite or even garter stitch. My mind tends to count stitches for some reason. I can, however, watch TV and knit. Even simple lace. Don't know why..

And I prefer the elongated bowl to the round bowl. Always have, even with the little ones. We just got a small step stool and they held on to whatever they could!

junior_goddess said...

Get your husband to plop his butt on the commode if it's the one he'll use.

Did I say that in public?

hakucho said...

Those mitts are so them :)

TracyKM said...

I don't know if the toilet my parents have is elongated or not, but they did tell me they were getting one that is "a little higher than normal". Well. My feet don't touch the ground and I'm 5'2". The kids hate it. They don't like it. But, what do you do with a toilet?

Jean said...

I tried to send you email, using your contact button, and am not sure it worked. You are righton, the mitts are the Magic Mirror Mitts, you would have so much fun knitting these. I used some wonderful sock yarn by Cherry Tree Hill. Oh, by the way my friends have been raving about KNITPICKS merino alpaca sockyarn, I may end up giving it a try.

Joan said...

I can't believe Mlle. M is now modeling! Times sure does fly. Those are beautiful mitts, Marie!

Teresa said...

24 is one of my favorite mindless knitting shows. I can't knit anything that takes concentration when watching TV. Listening to books would probably be the same way.
As for toilets. I really don't have an opinion but what you choose may be helpful down the road as ours is starting to drive us crazy.