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Monday, January 05, 2009

oh nine already?

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Pattern: Angelina Cable Mitts
Yarn: Elann Highland Wool, grape
Needles: 4.5 mm (US7)

The new year is here and it hasn't quite sunken in. It was not too long ago when I wrote a check dated 2008, the last one of that year. I guess it's that time to think about the goals for the new year.

1. French language studies.

I've been neglecting my French language studies. I suppose it's more challenging with self-study and trying to set a decent pace. It pretty much came to a halt during the last couple of months -- I blame it on the holidays. I'd like to chip away at it again.

2. Keep in touch with friends.

This is one area in want of improvement. I am not very good at keeping in touch, whether in person, over the phone, or through email. It can take me weeks to realize I have VM on my cell phone and it can be years before I respond to email.

3 & 4. Knit my second "real" garment, another vest for Mom. Find a lightweight shawl pin for Mom.

Of all the things I have made for my mom -- mitts, scarves, 1 shawl, and 1 vest -- she recently told me that she liked the shawl (29May2008 post) and vest (10Aug2008 post) the most. Then she went on to mention that she would like another of the same vest, made a little bit longer, because the first one came out a smidgen short (see photos in vest post). It took me 8 months to make the first one. I will try to gather enough will power to make a second one this year. Since I substituted yarn for the pattern, the easiest thing would be to use the same yarn in a different color, since I already have extensive project notes in my vest post ... this means I have a good idea of final sizing AND I won't make the same mistakes again (we hope).

The other thing my mom mentioned is that the shawl pin she got was too heavy. So another goal for this year is to find a pretty and light weight shawl pin for her.

5. Refrain from buying yarn and shop from stash.

I've reached "SABLE" aeons ago, I have absolutely no excuse for further purchase. You can check my Rav stash to get an idea, I think it's mostly up to date. I know it doesn't look like much, however it is A LOT when you take into account how little knitting output there is at Chez Smariek.

Given the low output, I sometimes think I am more accurately described as a yarn hoarder than a knitter. I often think about reserving a bag of yarn for a future larger project (shawl? sweater?) that never comes to fruition. I need to strive to shop from my stash and not be afraid to break up bags of yarn for smaller projects.

6. Learn to knit socks.

I am determined to learn how to do this! Yes, this year! However my excuse for not jumping right into it this very moment is that I lack the sock size pointy sticks I need to start this project. I ordered a set from KP back in Nov and it is still on back order or something, cuz it hasn't arrived yet.

7. Start my holiday knitting early.

Cuz I hate the stress of last minute knitting. I've actually started on this one. :-) It's just a little scarf for L.

You saw the left mitt in yesterday's post (4Jan2009 post), where I also explained why they're so short. I finished the right mitt last night, and took a quickie photo this morning before Missy wore them to school; I was afraid they might have gotten lost by the time I pick her up later today, so I had to make sure I snapped a pic before that happened. I cannot explain how difficult it is to get toddler hands to remain still, even when you have them on a stationary surface. This was the best I could do.

This is the first completed project of the year. Now that I have a reference point for sizing, this one fitting a toddler's hand, I can go forward in trying to make a slightly larger pair for Angelina who is turn 6 yrs old this month.

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10 stitch(es):

Tracy said...

I did both pair of my socks, magic loop, (that was the skill I learned last year), So if you have small sized circs you can make socks.....

I love the little mitt by the way.

SusanB-knits said...

I love knitting socks and you will be surprised at how easy it is once you learn. And it is a quick project you can work on in between big projects (such as sweaters).
I too need to be better about keeping in touch with friends that do not live near.
I don't think we fizzle out, I think we just get side tracked : )

Jean said...

Socks are such great projects to work on as they are a much quicker to work on, especially when you consider cable projects and the time they take (I still love them though). You will feel so much more rewarded as you knit much faster than I do! I made a few mistakes when purchasing sock yarn and discovered I don't care for really firm yarn to knit socks with, the squishy yarns that feel softer on my feet (Lorna's Laces comes to mind), is nice to knit with. Cherry Tree Hill is a little firmer, but still nice and gives great stitch definition. There are so many great sock books out there, you would have alot to choose from. The cross stitch on my blog used a technique called tweeding, (blending single strands with other colors to create shades). I miss it, but an injury to my right hand makes it impossible to hold a needle for very long. Thanks for visiting my site and happy knitting. I too have taken up French, although is more verbal at this point, but will work on written as well.

Unknown said...

Goals are good. And it's good to have them written out. I have the KP DPN's. They are nice, but I realized I don't like metal needles. And my toddler loves sticking my needles into the couch cushions OUCH!
My goal is to knit 12 pairs of socks this year. One a month. Doable I think! Unless I keep getting sidetracked with all the other projects out there.
Those mitts are adorable!

junior_goddess said...

Bonjour. J'mapelle Bets.

Do what inspires you.

Aunt Kathy said...

Such a hand model she is. I am hoping they did make it back from school after all.

Georgi said...

Missy's mitts are so cute, I bet she is very proud of them.

Chris said...

I learned to knit socks 2 years ago on dpn's--I learned magic loop this year and love it. You will find it to really be fairly easy. good luck.

TracyKM said...

I was just blog hopping and came across these shawl pins...scroll down as they're in more than one post so I didn't want to do a direct link to just one post. They look like they would be quite light :)

Radu Butarascu said...

Yeap, 2009! What ever happened to the stuff we were supposed to accomplish according to the 2001 and 2010 Space Odyssey?

And still no flying cars!