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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Oak Leaf Dishcloth

I really love how this oak leaf turned out, I'm thinking of doing a few of these in fall colors. Or making a collection of various leaf designs. Maple leaf will be next. I never did learn to identify trees or leaves, I really should pay better attention to these things. My excuse is ... I'm a city girl. I was taking a walk yesterday with my little girl riding on my back in the Ergo Baby Carrier, and as I was walking along I would point at things and name them for her. She also points at stuff and says, "Da?" which is her way of saying, "what's that?" So I'm walking by a nearby park, pointing at one of the trees and telling her, "that's a tree," when a passerby shouts out, "that's an acacia tree." Well, that's good to know, I never would have known it otherwise. :-) I think the easiest tree for me to identify is the eucalyptus tree.

I sometimes pass by other people on the street wearing their little one in the Ergo Baby Carrier. We always look at each other and smile. Ah, you have one too! :-) I think it's because the Ergo Baby Carrier is less ubiquitous than the Baby Bjorn. I used to use the Baby Bjorn when she was much smaller/younger, it seemed to work/fit better at the time. Whenever Baby Bjorn users pass by each other, they pretty much ignore each other. No big deal, everybody and their grandmothers use the Baby Bjorn. Or so it seems. I have to admit that I didn't like the Ergo Baby Carrier at first because it was difficult to get her in/out of it when she was younger (before she could stand/walk), but it was great once she could stand. Plus she was a little older and knew how to "help" me get her into the carrier. She loves riding in it.

This Oak Leaf dishcloth is the September Monthly Dishcloth KAL.

I still have very few colors of kitchen cotton yarn. I have placed on order for 58(!) balls of yarn, both solids and variegated. It seems like aeons since I placed the order. It still hasn't arrived yet. It's being shipped to my husband's workplace. With my luck it will arrive tomorrow when he is working from home, and then I'll have to wait until Monday to get my package.

Am thinking of making a few washcloths to give as gifts to guy friends, along with shower gels and such. I told my husband about this idea and he thought no guy would really want such a gift. He thought it was a "girly" kind of gift. What do you think? I think it would work as long as I didn't get any fruity/girly scented shower gels or bath washs. I know they have shower gels marketed for men, in "masculine" packaging and "masculine" scents. I think there are some neutral bath washs that would work, such as The Body Shop's Satsuma shower gel which has a very refreshing orange scent. I even picked up some bottles of this. It's a nice clean scent that will wake you up. :-)


1 stitch(es):

TracyKM said...

You could do some 'manly' cloths...outline of the Playboy bunny? Something with bobbles? LOL.
I use a ring sling and a homemade Moby wrap most of the time, and so rarely see others with similiar types of carriers :( Even if I did though, I'm pretty shy. So many love the Ergo but it's not in my budget (maybe if I had found it with kid #1).