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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Asherton Reversible Scarf

I love this pattern because there is no right or wrong side. It's reversible! And it makes for a lovely unisex scarf. I always find it more challenging to knit up stuff for the guys, so this one works as long as it isn't in a "girly" color. Sorry the picture above isn't very good, it was the most focused one I took ... had bad lighting, and had to take it quickly before my little girl pulled on it, moved it, or tried to move me while I was taking the picture.

The scarf shown above uses about 400 yds of worsted weight yarn and is a finished size of about 7.5 inches wide x 66 inches long.

If you're interested in a matching hat, try my Asherton Hat. I have an adult version and a toddler version. The pictures of the adult Asherton Hat looks better here, but the pattern for the adult hat can be found here.

Stitches used in this scarf include:
Garter Stitch, BW1 pg 10
Moss Diamond and Lozenge Pattern, BW2 pg 17
Stockinette Stitch, BW1 pg 10

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Asherton Reversible Scarf pattern can be downloaded here:Asherton Reversible Scarf Pattern from (no registration required, just click on link & save file)

11/2007: I've made an Asherton Toddler Keyhole Scarf for my DD. You can see the toddler scarf and outline for how to make it here:


12 stitch(es):

Berna Edens said...

That scarf is so pretty, Marie!

Thank you so much for sharing your pattern. I have a dear, dear friend who I would love to make a scarf for but with all of the scarf patterns out there, I've not been able to find one that I think would be suitable. ( He's an elderly gentleman and so many of the scarf patterns seem to be geared toward funky stuff for young people).

Well, thank you again!

You do lovely work and it's always a pleasure to see what you have posted here! :)


Heather said...

i am so glad you posted this. i saw a similar one out of noro at a yarnstore and forgot to ask about the pattern!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pattern! Can you tell me approx how much yarn this scarf takes? Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I love this! I have real problems with things having a "wrong" side, so this is great!

Dove Knits said...

What a pretty scarf! I love it.

Anonymous said...

I love this pattern! I'm currently making it and everyone that sees it loves it! Thank you for posting the pattern.


Anonymous said...

I'm just finishing up this scarf and it's been so great! This is only my second project and it looks beautiful. It's for my best friend who lives in Italy who will receive it just in time for her birthday. Thank you so much. Do you have any suggestions for project #3? I've bought yarn for a scarf for my husband but I'd like to try something new.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, 2 things: thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this gorgeous pattern. You are super talented! I knit one for a friend and she was super impressed. Annnnd: I am completely enamored with your red cable scarf. Please do post the pattern - I keep giving my favorite creations away, but I'd like to make that one for myself. :)

Anonymous said...

That scarf looks fantastic! Love the fact that it's reversible. Thank you so much for the pattern! Definitely going to make this for the bf :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for posting the pattern! I just finished the scarf - it's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I made this scarf last year. It was so easy and very cosy. I will be making another one for my friend for Xmas. Hope to be trying out some of your intricate cable scarves soon! Thanks for all your patterns!

Kaylana said...

Over a year ago a friend sent me a link to this pattern and I've saved it always planning to do it *next*. Well, it's time has come! And I'm loving it! Thanks so much!
I'm linking this page to my Yarn Along post today.