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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jayne Cobb Pompom

I am really enjoying this journey of creating a Jayne Cobb hat for T. If you haven't been following, and are interested in the process , you can read the series of posts:

Yarn for the Jayne Cobb Hat:
Jayne Hat started:
Jayne Hat earflaps:
Jayne Hat earflaps continued:
Pom-Pom minor update (scroll down):
Pom-Pom completed:
Jayne Cobb Hat completed:

This is the hat after completing the 2nd earflap. The edges curls up and they look a bit more triangular at the ends than they really are. It's really less tapered, like the 3rd photo you see here. I left about 18 inches of yarn on the ends, I still haven't decided how I will do the dangling bits.

Onwards to the pompom. I think this was the biggest challenge, having never made one before. I am using this pom-pom how-to (PDF) for making it. You can see my attempt with Template #1 here (scroll down). I was afraid the pom-pom would be too small. It's always easier to make a large one and then trim it down if it is too big, right?

So I made a slightly larger pom-pom template, using the larger template (the 2 in the top row) instead.

This is after I wound the yarn and snipped it. I actually wound the yarn as instructed, twice. I probably should have made it denser the first time around. Well, I didn't expect it to come out perfectly, after all, this is my first attempt at making a pom-pom.

Well there you have it. My littleTribble. Er, I mean pom-pom. It's about 3.5 inches in diameter.

Attaching the pom-pom was the easiest part of making a pom-pom. :-)

Oh, I also attached extra red yarn to the ends of the earflaps. Just a long strand, attached like fringe. I left the dangling ends on the long side so that the recipient of the hat can trim it to his desired length.

Now to weave in all those ends...


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