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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jayne Cobb Hat

Wash: "A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he's not afraid of anything."
Jayne: "Damn straight.".
I am really enjoying this journey of creating a Jayne Cobb hat for T. If you haven't been following, and are interested in the process , you can read the series of posts:

Yarn for the Jayne Cobb Hat:
Jayne Hat started:
Jayne Hat earflaps:
Jayne Hat earflaps continued:
Pom-Pom minor update (scroll down):
Pom-Pom completed:
Jayne Cobb Hat completed:

Well here it is, my very first hat with earflaps and pom-pom. This is my interpretation of the Jayne Cobb Hat, the hat Adam Baldwin wore in the Firefly episode "The Message". I can't tell you how many times I've watched that episode, and paused/zoomed to get a better look at this hat. This is my first attempt, I may make improvements on it when I make my next one. You can read about my Jayne Cobb Hat journey using the links above.

Stitches used in this pattern include:
Knit-Two Purl-Two Ribbing, BW1 pg 39
Stockinette stitch, BW1 pg 10

Jayne Cobb Hat Pattern can be downloaded in PDF format from:
Jayne Cobb Hat from (no registration required, just click on link & save file)

Pattern instructions are also below.

Jayne Cobb Hat
© Designed by S.M. Kahn, November 2007
Smariek Knits -=<>=-


Elann Highland Wool (100% highland wool, worsted weight -- 19 st/4 inches, 4.0-4.5 mm (US 6-7) -- 100 m / 109 yds per 50 gm ball)

Ruby (red) - 1 ball
Burnt Orange (orange) - 1 ball
Freesia (yellow) - 1 ball

Note: I bought my yarn in Oct 2007, just before Elann discontinued Burnt Orange and Freesia a few couple weeks afterwards. They still have Pumpkin (orange) and Allspice (yellow) which is not quite as bright as the Burnt Orange and Freesia combination; I rather like this slightly more muted color combination with the Ruby (red).


4.5 mm (US7) circular needles and/or double point needles, depending on your preferred method of making a hat.

Additional Materials:

4 stitch markers, yarn needle, crochet hook

Note: Use stitch markers like the Clover Split Ring Markers, like these,, which are open ended, rather than the closed-ring type.


Somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 sts = 4 inches.


Should fit an adult head. Brim circumference is around 21.5-22 inches.


Basic Cast On instructions can be found on this page here:

K = Knit.
K# = Knit # number of stitches, where # indicates the number of stitches to be knit.
Video to show you how to knit can be found here:

K2Tog = Knit 2 stitches together.
Video showing how to do K2Tog can be found here:

P = Purl.
P# = Purl # number of stitches, where # indicates the number of stitches to be purled.
Video to show you how to purl can be found here:

P2Tog = Purl 2 stitches together
VIdeo is on Knitting Help under "p2tog" here:

P2Tog-TBL (Purl 2 together through back loop) = same as P1-b except you work it on 2 stitches.
Video to show you how to do P1-b is on Knitting Help, look under "p tbl" here:

PM = Place Marker

RS = Right Side, referring to the "front" side of the knitted object

Slip1 wyif = Slip 1 stitch purlwise, with yarn in front

SSK = slip 1 stitch, slip 1 stitch, knit these two slipped stitches together
Video showing you how to do SSK can be found here:

st = stitch
sts = stitches

WS = Wrong Side, referring to the "back" side of the knitted object

* ... * = work everything between asterisks across the round.
(asterisks are described here: )

Pattern Instructions:

Please read "Notes" section before starting; it contains almost everything I think you may need to know to work this pattern.


Using ORANGE yarn and 4.5 mm (US7) needles, CO 96 stitches, join into round without twisting stitches.

Work K2, P2 ribbing for 5 rounds.

Knit around for 16 rounds.
(Orange section should measure ~3.75"-4")


Using YELLOW yarn, knit around for 19 rounds.
(Yellow section should measure ~3.5")


Continue with yellow color.

Row 1: * K14, K2Tog * (90 sts)
Row 2: * K13, K2Tog * (84 sts)
Row 3: * K12, K2Tog * (78 sts)
Row 4: * K11, K2Tog * (72 sts)
Row 5: * K10, K2Tog * (66 sts)
Row 6: * K9, K2Tog * (60 sts)
Row 7: * K8, K2Tog * (54 sts)
Row 8: * K7, K2Tog * (48 sts)
Row 9: * K6, K2Tog * (42 sts)
Row 10: * K5, K2Tog * (36 sts)
Row 11: * K4, K2Tog * (30 sts)
Row 12: * K3, K2Tog * (24 sts)
Row 13: * K2, K2Tog * (18 sts)
Row 14: * K1, K2Tog * (12 sts)
Row 15: K2Tog (6 sts)
Optional Row 16: K2Tog again (3 sts)

Draw yarn through remaining stitches.


We will place 4 stitch markers around the brim of the hat to designate earflap sections. Earflaps will be 23 stitches wide. The 25 stitch wide sections will be the front or back of the hat.

Arrange stitch markers along brim of hat as follows:
PM1, 23 stitches, PM2, 25 stitches, PM3, 23 stitches, PM4
(You should now have 25 stitches between PM4 and PM1)

With RS of hat facing you and using RED yarn, pick up 23 stitches between PM1 and PM2.

Row 1 (WS): Slip 1 wyif, P21, K1
Row 2 (RS): Slip 1 wyif, K22

Repeat Rows 1 & 2 until you have completed 26 rows.
(Earflap should measure ~4.5" at this point)

Shape earflaps as follows:

Row 3 (WS): Slip 1 wyif, P2Tog, P17, P2Tog-TBL, K1 (21 sts)
Row 4 (RS): Slip 1 wyif, SSK, K15, K2Tog, K1 (19 sts)
Row 5: Slip 1 wyif, P2Tog, P13, P2Tog-TBL, K1 (17 sts)
Row 6: Slip 1 wyif, SSK, K11, K2Tog, K1 (15 sts)
Row 7: Slip 1 wyif, P2Tog, P9, P2Tog-TBL, K1 (13 sts)
Row 8: Slip 1 wyif, SSK, K7, K2Tog, K1 (11 sts)
Row 9: Slip 1 wyif, P2Tog, P5, P2Tog-TBL, K1 (9 sts)
Row 10: Slip 1 wyif, SSK, K3, K2Tog, K1 (7 sts)
Row 11: Slip 1 wyif, P2Tog, P2, P2Tog-TBL, K1 (5 sts)
Row 12: Slip 1 wyif, SSK, K2 (4 sts)
Row 13: Slip 1 wyif, P2Tog, K1 (3 sts)
Row 14: K3Tog (1 st)

Cut yarn leaving long strand (for one of the dangling yarn bits at the end of the earflap) and pull through remaining stitch.

Cut another piece of yarn slightly more than double this length and attach to end of earflap; use crochet hook to attach it the way you would for fringe.
Trim these 3 dangling yarn bits to desired length.

Make second earflap, picking up stitches between PM3 and PM4.


Make a pompom, around 3.5 inches in diameter, using all three yarn colors. I used this pom-pom how-to:

Hold one strand of each color when you wind it around the template. Attach pompom to top of hat.


Weave in all ends. Enjoy!


2 stitch(es):

Allison said...

What a fun hat - I love it and the colors are great!

Jules said...

I can't wait to try this hat - although I must confess, I am not going to do the earflaps and the pom, I just have been REALLY diggin' the photos of the body of the hat and while I'm sure I could have figured out the decreases etc on my own, I was too lazy so I've been waiting for the pattern to be posted. Maybe once I make a plain one I will branch out and make another with a pom and/or flaps. :) Can't wait!