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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dress me up

Isn't this a cute way to dress up liquid soap? When I finished this, I thought that the bodice section seemed too long, or the skirt was too short. But it seemed to fit OK when placed on one of those Bath & Body Works liquid soap bottles. I suppose I could do one more repeat of the skirt pattern to make it a little longer.

I need to learn how to crochet.

I had a bit of trouble with the crochet part at the end. I managed to chain 10 stitches, that was a cinch. The problem arose when I needed to attach the chain to the other side of the neckline (green section on left). I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to do this with the WS facing or the RS facing. It seemed like I should do it with the WS facing, but then I felt that the RS looked odd when I did this. So I attached it with the RS facing.

Then I had to single crochet around the neck opening (white section on the bottom) and I couldn't figure out how to go left-to-right, with RS facing me, using the crochet hook in my right hand.

In my 1st attempt, I tried to crochet around with the WS facing me. I tried what I thought was meant by "single crochet", by poking the hook through the knitting, YO, pull through, then YO again, and then pull through the 2 sts on the hook (which is what I thought Tania showed me last year, I could have remembered incorrectly). I didn't like how this looked when I worked it from the WS.

I decided that I didn't want to do single crochet this way since it seemed to make the neckline "thick" looking and the RS just wasn't very flattering. So I did something else instead. I poked the hook through the knitting, YO, and then pulled through the knitting & the 1 stitch on the hook in one fell swoop.

I also decided that I did not like how it looked when I worked the crochet from the WS. I worked it from the RS instead, crocheting from left-to-right (with RS is facing me). I think I twisted things when I used the crochet hook in my left hand. Is this what the left handers do when they crochet? It was really awkward for me, but I managed to crochet around the bottom neckline.

When I reached the beginning of the chain, I switched the hook back to my right hand and continued around back to the left side where I attached the chain. I definitely do not like the way I did this section of the cloth, but I think the casual observer won't notice too much.

One thing I couldn't figure out is how I got this big gaping hole on the right side, just below the neckline (the blue & white yarn section). It's where you bind off the middle section and then work the few stitches on the left and right sides (of the bound off middle section) up a few rows. It looks fine on the left side, but it didn't come out well on the right side. I think it had to do with re-attaching yarn to continue knitting that right side for a few more rows.

Oh well. I'll have to knit this cloth again and see if I can do better...

Teatime ... I picked up some loose tea today, Peet's Ti Kwan Yin Oolong tea. Miss M enjoyed her visit to Peet's where she got to pick up a straw and find a nice blue colored straw under the nondescript white paper wrapper. And I was a good girl and avoided picking up any chocolate.


abunchofus left a comment with a question, but left no contact info. Here's my response to your question: I knit the purple one with DK weight yarn, Cleckheaton Country 8 Ply, which comes 105 yds per 1.75 oz ball, and I used 2 balls for the hat. The other one was knit with Worsted Weight yarn, and I'm sorry I don't remember how much yarn it took, but I'm sure you won't need more than 200 yds. Sorry I can't be more helpful.


7 stitch(es):

Connie said...

Yes, you are doing the sc (single crochet) stitch correctly. The other stitch is called a slip stitch, where you yarn over and pull through both in one fell how you worded that.

Also, that little hole could be from poking your crochet hook in underneath and between 2 knit stitches instead of poking it in just through the top v of the stitch.

Connie said...

Oh and I forgot to mention, they have great video tutorials for crochet at

DawnK said...

I think it turned out cute and I would never guess that you had trouble with it. I'm not sure I did the best on mine, with the crochet, either. Look at knitting set. I have close-ups of the neck, too.

Girl Meets Needle said...

You really, really make the most lovely dish cloths! Since I am relatively new to dishcloth knitting, and am quick becoming an addict (I've finished knitting one with a squirrel on it and now I'm working on a Ballband one), I definitely will be visiting your page to snag as many patterns as possible! :) Once my printer gets more ink of course.

hakucho said...

Very cute dishcloth dress. I love that colorway of peaches and cream. The set makes a really nice gift that is useful...I like those kind of gifts!

happy knitting :)


Looks very elegant! You are so talented!

Ursula said...

Thank you for detailing your crochet experience in knitting language! I only knit but I'm bothered that I don't know how to crochet. I've tried a couple times but I think I need to see it in order to catch on (precisely how I learned to knit.) Good work on the dish soap dress!