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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Yup, I'm moving to Suburbia

I discovered Walk Score from Bets. The site rates a neighborhood's accessiblity for people on foot. The site lists some restaurants by type (with drop down arrow to expand). However the info is a little outdated as it lists an Italian restaurant in my neighborhood which has changed into a Mexican restaurant within the past year. And it seems to think Tully's coffee is the closest at .72 miles distance, when I can name a few others within 4 city blocks from my house.

Old house in San Francisco: 83/100. (I live out in the "boonies" of SF)

New house in Sunnyvale: 60/100.

Moving to our new house will be a culture shock for me, even though I'm still living in the San Francisco Bay Area and not even as far as the "outer" Bay Area either. I've lived in San Francisco for so many decades, it would just feel weird to not be able to walk to places or easily take public transportation a short distance to places. What do you mean I will have to drive somewhere if I want to go get coffee, pick up groceries, or visit the library?!

Update on our move. We thought we would move during the week of July 4th. Well, that week came and went. Then we thought the weekend of July 28th. Nope. Still not ready. Now that carpets are coming in on Monday 8/13, DH asked what I thought about moving in a week or two after that. Eeeks! I'd love to move but are we ready? I still have more stuff to pack! Stuff to throw out!

We still haven't gotten our shutters yet, so our living room and dining room (both facing the street) are fishbowls. I'm not sure I would want to live in the house before the shutters get installed.

I still haven't decided what to do with our large dining room table. It is about 8 ft long (~100 inches or 2.5 m). Even at 5 ft (~60 inches or 1.5 m), with the 2 center panels removed, it is too large to fit in the dining room at the new house. :-( Well, it'd fit, but we'd never get chairs around it. What to do? I've entertained the idea of placing it in our living room. Of course this would look pretty weird...


7 stitch(es):

Elizabeth D said...

Hello, there -- I just made your squares dishcloth, and loved it. But the pattern needs a correction -- and I couldn't find a "contact me" button, so have to reach out to you in the comments. Send me an email (elizabeth[dot]a[dot]durand[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll explain, OK? And thanks for the pattern -- it was fun, fast, and easy, and looks much more complex than it is (I love that).

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Sunnyvale! I'm in the northern reaches of Sunnyvale (north of the 101) and know exactly what you mean. The closes thing is 7-11. Ugh.

junior_goddess said...


Your score is still MUCH higher than my NINE! Suck it up, Buttercup. Now you have to mess with clustering errands! BTW, one of your coins looks to be a commemorative-it's marked 1 troy ounce, and since the SF mint closed long ago (because I went drinking there years ago), you might research them.

kellygirl said...

I agree with Bets, your walk score is better than mine. I'm at 22/100 down here in Morgan Hill. Welcome to suburbia!

hakucho said...

Good luck with your move!!

You'll get used to the suburbs...might take awhile. I grew up in Boston with a bakery at every corner and you could walk or hop on a bus to get anything you could possibly need or actually further than the suburbs of Boston, in Franklin, no buses, no mom and pop bakeries and if you want to get a cab you have to schedule it a week in advance ;)

I love it but I do a lot of driving!! Our town has grown and there is much more to offer compared to 1984 when we moved here. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

happy moving :)

hakucho said...

P.S. I did my walk score a little late = 12/100. Ha, Ha ;)

Joan said...

I had to sell my dining room set after moving into the little house I am in now. Beautiful mahogany stuff but way too big for the DR even minus the leaves. We couldn't move comfortably around the room. It pained me but I finally sent them off to auction. Still miss tht set. :-(