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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Old Stuff

While going through old stuff to figure out what to throw out and what to pack & move to the new house, I stumbled upon this old knitting pattern booklet. Can't remember when I got it. It must be old. Dated MCMLXXX. When was that? 1980? I flipped through it and there isn't much I'm interested in. Lots of big oversize style sweaters, etc, made with "fluffy" yarn, which must have been popular back then. The only thing I could imagine possibly making is this blue cardigan.

And while rummaging through a drawer, I found two old coins wrapped in paper. From the size I could tell they weren't quarters, so I thought they might be half dollar coins or something.

The coin you see above was in better condition. It was clean shiny silver. Thicker than a quarter. And heavy. From the markings, it looks like most of it is made of silver. So I will have to assume it wasn't a coin in circulation.

The second coin showed its age. It was dull, dingy, and lacked the "bling" of the first coin. Still pretty though.

Not sure what I'll do with these. I tucked them into one of my storage boxes to be moved to the new house. I probably won't see them again for a few years (or more!) when I slowly unpack... lol. No clue where these coins came from. I've never been a coin collector. I guess they were from my mom...

M's latest thing is listening to a CD/book my MIL received from (I'm sorry to say) I forget who in Taiwan... her mom? her sister? ... and M loves listening to these songs. She can usually tell which page going with the song she is hearing. That was really surprising. The page you see above is about 2 tigers from what I can gather (I neither understand Mandarin nor read Chinese) but the tune is familiar, it's sung to the "where is thumbkin" tune.

I've been meaning to blog about this. Better late than never, right?

It was such a surprise when I discovered that two people nominated me for this! CeElle and Kenyetta. You can read more about this award here.

Not sure how many people I should nominate for this award. There are MANY, and I can't possibly enumerate them all. And I know that some I would nominate have already been nominated, so I will try to choose people I think haven't been nominated yet -- so that rules out Barbara, Benne, Bets,Grace, Jennifer, Lisa, and Trish, all people who are in my Google Reader. Benne would have been one of my top picks because I love how she writes. Go check out these ladies, it'll be worth it!

So now I have to find other people to nominate. I guess I brought this challenge upon myself for being such a slowpoke, since CeElle nominated me on July 5th, and Kenyetta nominated me on July 13th. But I have a great excuse... I've been busy with life, M, etc... but mostly with the whole HOUSE MOVE thing...

So here are my nominations, in no particular order:

Jayne - She's a dyeing fool, she transforms yarn into breathtakingly gorgeous colors.

Kim - She cranks out a gazillion socks in her sleep.

Libby - Check out the latest addition to her family, Sydney, she's such a cutie. Libby is quite the designer, she has a few shawl & hat patterns linked in her sidebar.

Suzann - Lots of beautiful socks.

Svetlana - Omigosh, it is amazing how fast she cranks out FOs. And she knits all these fitted garments that look awesome on her.


Oh, here are pics of our new water heater. It looks sooooo much better than our old one. At least there's no asbestos on the pipes!

The FixIt Team are almost done with the electrical outlet in the new house. Yay! And they're going to do the painting of our wall/door from the pocket door removal, cuz we're never going to get around to it (especially with M around) and it looks unsightly.

We might get our fridge this Friday 8/10. We purchased the fridge on 7/4. They were supposed to deliver it on 7/20, but had to postpone delivery because it hadn't shipped yet.

YAY! Our carpets will be installed on Monday 8/13.

Now we're waiting on the shutters for the living room and dining room.

So this is our master bedroom. And this is the wall we would like to place the head of our bed. But do you see a problem? The heater vent is on the floor within a foot from the wall. I don't think we can put our bed there and have the heater vent underneath our bed. And it would be strange to have the bed one feet away from the wall. Besides, our room isn't very large so that is not a good use of space.

The problem with this bedroom, besides being on the small side, is that there aren't many ways you can configure our furniture due to doors on the other 3 walls. There is a closet door on the left, close to the window wall. Behind you, on the left side, is the door to the hallway. And there are 2 doors on the wall to the right, one to another closet and one to the master bath.

So the only logical place we can place the bed is with the headboard on the wall to the left. Which means one person will have to walk around 3 sides of the bed to get to their side of the bed. That just doesn't make sense, but that's the way it will have to be.

There is barely enough room for a very small nightstand on one side of the bed (which the door leading to the hallway will bump into), and absolutely no room for one on the other side due to the closet door being there.


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Karin said...

OMG - that is so sweet of you :)! I think all of these gals are wonderful - just wish I had more time to visit more often - it's always inspirational.