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Thursday, August 16, 2007

In denial...

I received something in the mail today from my high school. It didn't look like the usual mailings they sent out... asking for donations, selling raffle tickets, selling tickets to their current play/musical. When I opened it up, I found a slim CD case. The cover announced our 20th reunion next month. Eeks! Has it really been two decenniums since I graduated from high school? Surely not. I remember it like it was yesterday.... ;-) V, you're not far behind... surely you must agree that it hasn't been that long...

I opened the CD case and found a CD containing what somebody deemed the "hits" during our 4 years of high school:

  1. Wanna be startin' somethin - M. Jackson
  2. Sweet dreams - Eurythmics
  3. Goody two shoes - Adam Ant
  4. Jump - Van Halen
  5. Love is a battlefield - Pat Benatar
  6. I would die 4 u - Prince
  7. Oh Sheila - Ready for the World
  8. Part-time lovers - S. Wonder
  9. Pleasure principle - J. Jackson
  10. Walk like an Egyptian - Bangles
  11. What you need - INXS
  12. Livin' on a prayer - Bon Jovi
  13. Where the streets have no name - U2
  14. Push it - Salt-n-Pepa
  15. Brass Monkey - Beastie Boys
I have to wonder whether it is even legal for them to burn these songs onto a CD...

I vaguely recall recall a girl in school who was a major Adam Ant fan, she had her own ant farm. I do like some Pat Benatar songs, but I have a hard time listening to her ever since working with a neurotic psychopath a decade ago. I think that Eurythmics song was what we used when we learned some dance routine in a dance class I took.

No plans to go to the reunion. I have better things to do.


We got carpets installed today! Yippee!!! DH called to ask me whether I wanted the edge (where the carpet meets the hardwood floor hallway) to be (1) tapered and stapled down or (2) or clamped down with some sort of metal strip. I had no clue. He said the carpet installer recommended option #1, since it may look weird seeing the carpet-metal-hardwood transition. I suppose the metal strip would look less out of place if we were going from carpet into a room that had tile (like a kitchen or bathroom)??? Well, we'll be going to the house tomorrow so I will get to see how the carpet looks.

We chose a berber carpet for the bedrooms. My inlaws have berber carpets and I really like how they look easier to care for. In the old house, we have higher pile dust/dirt/crud-attracting carpet, and I definitely didn't want that with a toddler in the house.


Ugh. We received our cell phone bill today and I couldn't believe it was $165. We went over our allotted 400 free minutes, so have to pay for 166 minutes @ 45 cents per minute. Ouch! It's all DH's fault for using his cell phone to dial into his conference calls, etc. On the upside, he won't do this as much after we move since we'll be living in the same city he works... :-)


4 stitch(es):

hakucho said...

Oh, boy that cell phone bill must really hurt! Guess it could be worse?

Good luck with the new must be so excited :) You are so smart to do everything that needs to be done before you move in :)

V. said...

er - 20 years, um, how did that happen?

I don't know about some of these songs, I get the Bangles, Salt&Pepa, the Jackson songs but not sure about the rest - maybe not our taste, huh?

I'll let you know what they send me when I get it - hehe

Maryann said...

I don't know if it's legal to burn those songs into a CD, but it seems criminal to mix all those types of music together!

DawnK said...

It probably wasn't legal to make that cd, but what can you do? It's already done! LOL! What's scarier than being out of high school for 20 years, is being out of high school for almost 30! It will be 30 for me, in the spring of next year!

Hope you have fun with your new house and OUCH on the cellphone bill! My DH would have had a fit!