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Thursday, January 25, 2007

How much yarn?

How much yarn do I have? I dunno, but definitely more than I can use in my lifetime. I know this isn't much to look at since they're all in boxes. There are 11 boxes in this photo and one more underneath that white one, hidden behind the plastic box in front (the heatdish box is empty), so there's 12 boxes here. Hmm... I wonder which boxes are from Elann? ;-) Anyhows, I also have 3 of those 12-gallon plastic storage boxes (like the ones you see near the bottom of this pic) full of yarn which lives in M's room. So that's a total of 15 boxes. Oh, and some odds & ends in 3 plastic bags from when I found yarn, which lives in my bedroom. I would love to get a large armoire for my yarn (thanks Grace for the idea!)...

Oh, the purple thing on top of the Joann's box is where I keep all my circular needles. You can see a better picture of it here. And if you want to see how many circs I have, look here; I don't think I've added any new needles since that post.

I still have a sore throat. :-( Sometimes it seems to get better, other times it gets worse. I've been drinking lots of this Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat which seems to help. Am tempted to reach for some essential oils, but am afraid of using this stuff around my DD since some aren't really safe for young children.


10 stitch(es):


Where you are at with your stash, I too have walked!

CatBookMom said...

Yeah, that was a milestone level for me, (blush) I use Throat Coat, have for years; it worked even when I was still smoking 2 packs/day. Hang in there, the throat will get better.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

Lightweight. I consider yours manageable.

Vamanta said...

Time to start some serious knitting, girl! (ask me how I know)

Anonymous said...

We swear by lemon and ginger tea, garlic cloves in honey, and echinacea - not all together, but they seem to do the trick!

vsundstrom said...

S - no more yarn until you are through with a few of those boxes!
Where did you find the Throat Coat. I had looked for it recently but couldn't find it anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you're sick! I hope that you recover quickly.

As for the stash, not too much at all!!!

Anonymous said...

That looks wonderfully well-organized and manageable compared to the mess I hide in my "craft room". I think I'd better go and do some cleaning up :).

Anonymous said...

All boxed up like that, it looks well enough, but dump it all out in a big pile and imagine knitting it all. I firmly believe that a big pile o' yarn is a metaphor for how much we (in this case you) love all good things.

I've gotta get you linked up, girl. Your blog is a delight.

Oh..and hope that throat feels better soon. I use Traditional Medicinals Echinachea Plus. Good stuff.