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Friday, November 03, 2006

Found Yarn

Woohoo! Was going into storage boxes and I found a box of yarn from aeons ago. Nothing fancy, mostly worsted weight Red Heart yarn. I guess I did play with yarn as a kid, I just don't remember it all that well... but then, it was a LONG time ago. I must have learned how to crochet at some point in time because there is a 40 inch x 40 inch (102 cm x 120 cm) granny square lapghan of some sort! I don't even remember working on that. Wish I remembered how I did this thing, I can't recall any crochet stitches. Boy is my memory wonky!

I suspect that I played with yarn as a kid and got most or all of this yarn from Glen's Five & Dime which was on 24th St; it's now the current location of the US Post Office (which used to be across the street). I don't know who Glen was, but I did know the ladies who worked there, and I "hung out" there often as a kid. Times have changed... "five & dime" stores are now called "dollar" stores. Lots has changed in the neighborhood. There's a Pasta Pomodoro on the corner of 24th St & Noe St, which used to be Panos Greek restaurant, and I remember at a much earlier time there used to be a small liquor store at that very same corner. I even vaguely recall taking a walk one night with my mom, passing by that liquor store, and seeing a guy (presumably the owner of the store) with a stab wound on his head! There is a yarn shop a half block from there called Noe Knits, which used to be Colorcrane (an art supplies type store) for the longest time. Two houses to the right of this, there is a 2 story building with a short fence in front... Barbara, who lived upstairs, used to set up her outdoor flower shop in front of this building. There used to be a Pharmacy at the corner of 24th St & Castro St, which is now occupied by Cotton Basics; this was way back before the ubiquitous chain drug stores like Walgreens and Rite Aid. There was a Buds ice cream shop across the street from the pharmacy. There used to be a donut shop at 24th St & Church St for the longest time. Not everything has changed. There's still Bank of America across the street from the pharmacy, and Bell Market is still located between Noe St & Sanchez St. And Willie, who worked at the supermarket in the 1970s is still working there. I stopped by Bell Market (which has actually been renamed to Cala Bell or something like that), directly across the street from Noe Knits, a few months ago and was surprised when he recognized me, and I hadn't been in there in many many years! They've remodelled the place and it looks much better than before. Tuggey's Hardware store and Haystacks Pizza are still on 24th St by Sanchez. Some stores have relocated... like Cover to Cover Bookstore which used to be down the street from Bell Market, and is now located on Castro St between 24th St & Jersey St. Ok, I just realized that I must be boring you guys! LOL...

Anyways, about this yarn ... I'm going to frog this granny square thing, and with this yarn and all the other yarn I found in this box, can you take a guess what it will be reincarnated into? ... come on, take a wild guess ... yes, HATS! What did you think I would say? ;-) I'm still knitting hats for the Cap Karma Chemo Cap Project, I've only managed to do 6 so far, and I want to make at least 3 more. More if I can, but my goal is at least 9. I'm currently working on hat #7, my Trilamellatum MK Hat. Yes, it'll be another "mindless knitting" hat. I think that's what I really need right now after spending so much time unsuccessfully trying to get the Claudia Hat knit in the round. Yay, I think I'm all set in the yarn dept. Besides this ancient yarn from decades ago, I also picked up some brand new yarn in a handful of colors, so you guys won't have to see too many more hats in that wine colored yarn. I stumbled upon that wine colored yarn in a different box a few weeks ago, it is probably as old as the yarn in the box I just found and I bet it came from Glen's Five & Dime. Now if only I could stumble upon a box with 1.5 million dollars in it so we could find a modest home in Cupertino, CA... (but that's a whole other story/rant for another prolix paragraph at some other time...)


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smariek said...
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Vamanta said...

Wow, Marie, I was fascinated by the story you think is "boring". I felt like I was walking along with you. How fun to find an old box of yarn regardless of the brand. I find them at garage sales. Everything was Red Heart BTW back then.
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