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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Heart Lace Cloth - Row 38

1/24/07: I am relieved to hear that a 3rd person (Marit) has also successfully knitted this cloth. It looks like there is some confusion with my M1 abbreviation, which isn't "standard". I've changed the way the definition of M1 appears in the Notes section ... so that instead of being sentences in a paragraph, the steps are listed numerically. Hopefully this will make it easier to read and understand. I couldn't find an abbreviation for these steps on the Knitting Help Increase page. I could make another SWAG, but that would probably be just as confusing. ;-)


I am troubled to hear of two people who had difficulties with Row 38 of my Heart Lace Cloth. I responded to Stacey's email 5 days ago, haven't heard back, and assumed she resolved the issue. Now I noticed someone else left a comment about Row 38.

How many stitches do you have after finishing Row 37? If you cast on 39 stitches, you would have done B3, P33, B3 and ended up with 39 stitches. If you cast on 37 stitches, you would have done B3, P31, B3 and ended up with 37 stitches. If the number of stitches you purled is not correct, then you might have made a boo boo in Row 36.

I have looked over my copy of the pattern against what is posted in my blog, and they seem identical to me. But my eyes could be deceiving me, even after doing this comparison several times. Perhaps some fresh eyes can help me out here. I have taken a photo of my copy of the pattern, it is the same one I used to knit off of so I know what is written here actually works. I used this piece of paper when I knit my red cloth & pink variegated cloth. I will try to find some time over the next few days to knit up the Heart Lace Cloth while working directly from my blog page instead of from my notes ...

Click on image to see large version. Please excuse the handwriting... :-)

On the upside, I do know of two people who have successfully knitted up the Heart Lace Cloth, and neither of these two ladies mentioned any difficulties with row 38 (or any other row). Rhoda knitted two cloths (I love that Pink Lilacs color she used in one of them), and Mary knitted one.

Mary mentioned that my M1 instruction "really means M1, K1 in standard knitting pattern terminology". Sorry about the unconventional M1. As a newbie knitter, I'm still trying to figure out what is standard. It seemed logical to me at the time to use M1 (to stand for "make one") for that increase. I used D4 similarly for decreasing 4 stitches. I'll bet D4 is not standard either. Does anyone know what my D4 really should be called?

I guess my SWAGs on abbreviations aren't such a good idea, lol.


7 stitch(es):

Marit Kostøl said...

Hi, I too had some difficulties on row 38- I ended up with two less stitches than I should, and somehow the place of decrease didn\t seem right. But I've knitted so long I just did`t mind, I just fixed it. I'll try to knit the cloth again, to see what I can figure out. The pattern is great, though! Your abbrevations are fine- especially for me since I do not know english that well- I need it to be explained!
Greetings from Marit in Norway.

Marit Kostøl said...

Hi again! I've just knitted your heart lace cloth once again- and the pattern IS okay!!! I guess I missed out on the M1- so maybe it should be emphasized that it means "increase one,knit one in same stitch". I don't think I have ever used anything similar to D4, so I wouldn't know a different name- yours is just fine,lol!
Marit in Norway

Mary said...

Marie, again, I only had trouble with the M1, K1 thing that you mentioned. Your description of the D4 was very good, it was new to me too. I hope you get some more test knitters to confirm -- it's a great pattern.

Sara M. said...

I too had a little difficulty with row 38. I had to knit it two or three times before I got it right. I also had a little trouble with row 40, but I ended up fudging it because I was too tired to tink back after all that tinking I did on row 38. I'm thinking that my problems were probably my mistakes and not problems in your pattern. I will try the pattern again in the next couple of days and let you know if I have trouble in the same rows again. Also - I did have a little trouble with the M1, but after I read your instructions for it I was able to follow the pattern just fine. It really is a beautiful pattern - I liked it so much that I used it for a swap that I'm participating in. :o)

g-girl said...

you know, I actually did have trouble with row 38 but I thought it was just me not understanding the whole m1 process. It was easier than I understood it to mean because I tried it a couple of ways..counted stitches and everything! it was a learning experience--hence, the reason I had to make two. I thought about a third!

Becky said...

Love the pattern! I had to rip it many times, but that is just me and lace. The directions are great. I had trouble with D4 until I read the expanded directions farther down the pattern. Duh! Good thing to read the directions. LOL

Thanks for sharing this. I'm posting a link to it on my blog with a finished pic. You can grab it if you are keeping a gallery. :)

Karla said...

I LOVE your pattern and I really appreciate how well you wrote out your explanations for the abbreviations! Please don't change the way you write them up, I followed them so easily with no mistakes on my first attempt! The only corrections I made were tiny, on one row it said "B4" at the end instead of "B3", but that was obvious and easily fixed, and then under the explanations, I added "together" to the wording in the SK2TP, once again easily understood.
Keep up the great work please!